Candy Resource Hub

Here you'll find a collection of guides and foundational content that can help you get started on your Candy collecting journey. If you're new to digital collectibles, or looking to learn more about Candy's offerings, this is a great place to start!

Candy 101: Collectibles & Marketplace Guides

The Candy Collectibles Starter Guide
Looking to learn more about Candy Collectibles? Here’s your starter guide to all the exciting stuff Candy has to offer.
The Candy Marketplace Starter Guide
Learn about Candy Marketplace, a secondary marketplace where Candy collectors can buy, list, and sell their Candy collectibles.

Candy 101: Challenges & Candy League

Candy Challenges: The Full Rundown
Candy Challenges are rewards-based engagements tailor-made for each Candy collection and community! Every Challenge involves new opportunities for Candy collectible owners to earn exclusive rewards, and can involve anything from unique stand-alone events to seasonal community campaigns with tiered r…
The Candy League
Welcome to the Candy League. The sweetest way to interact with your collectibles, work with the Candy community to solve puzzles and challenges and build out your collection of rewards. Everything you need to know about what the Candy League is, the kind of challenges offered and the brand new