Candy MLB Challenges: The Full Rundown

Candy MLB Challenges: The Full Rundown

Candy Challenges are rewards-based engagements tailor-made for each Candy collection and community! Every Challenge involves new opportunities for Candy collectible owners to earn exclusive rewards, and can involve anything from unique stand-alone events to seasonal community campaigns with tiered reward systems.

These rewards vary depending on the specific Challenge, and some rewards take the form of exclusive digital collectibles that are airdropped to each winners’ wallet. However, not all rewards are digital – past rewards for Candy’s MLB fans have also included tickets to MLB games, MLB.TV subscriptions, sports memorabilia and more!

In short, Challenges vary in complexity and reward structure, but there’s always something in it for you! Details for each Challenge will be posted on the Candy Challenges Page and official community channels on an ongoing basis.

Collection Challenges

Many Candy Challenges involve collecting specific Candy NFTs, either by obtaining them directly via Candy or buying them from other Candy users in the Candy Marketplace. For instance, the 2023 Team USA Stars Challenge involves collecting 8 of the 10 MLB stars featured on the 2023 Team USA roster.

While some collection challenges will require winners to complete a complete set of specific NFTs, such as collecting all the 2021 Uncut Diamond ICONs, many Challenges can be completed by obtaining a certain subsets of the overall Candy collection. This gives you more flexibility in terms of how you choose to collect and win.

Burning Challenges

Some Candy Challenges involve burning existing Candy collectible NFTs in order to receive a new, more exclusive collectible or reward. These types of Challenges are designed to let you, the collector, decide what to value most – whether you choose to keep all the items in your existing collection, burn them for something exciting and new, or sell them to other Candy users looking to complete their set.

Once you burn the NFTs required to complete a Challenge, you will either receive your reward directly or earn points that can be used towards a future prize.

Simple Challenges include this year’s Candy Jersey Burn, in which 2022 Team Jersey NFT owners were able to burn their old NFT in exchange for a new 2023 MLB Team Jersey. In practice, this essentially comes down to having the option to swap an existing collectible for a new one.

More complex Challenges can involve a point system, which is typically based on the varying rarity levels of each relevant Candy collectible. For instance, during the last MLB Community Burn Challenge, each burned NFT was worth a certain number of points, and winners had to burn at least 100 points in order to benefit from the Challenge’s tiered rewards system.

When to Burn?

You will be able to burn your Candy NFTs during designated "Burn Windows" which will be communicated beforehand for each Challenge. You will not be able to burn any of your Candy NFTs outside of these designated "burn windows".

It's important to note that each time you burn a Candy NFT, the process is irreversible and that NFT is removed entirely from the blockchain. In other words, there is no way to recreate or recover any NFTs you have burned, so you should only burn your NFTs that you’re willing to part ways with. To that end, the Candy team will always clearly communicate Challenge rewards, and you will never be put in a position to choose to burn a Candy NFT without knowing what you will receive in return.

Code Breakers Challenges

Candy Code Breaker Challenges are interactive puzzles that put your fan knowledge, skills, and competitive spirit to the test! No two Code Breaker Challenges are the same and these unique Challenges may incorporate multiple elements from other Challenge types, giving you an exciting opportunity to square off against the broader Candy community.

Compete AND Collaborate

Every Candy Challenge is different and involves a different mix of competition or collaboration between you and your fellow Candy community members – and there are more types of Challenges in the works, including prizes for accurately predicting sports match outcomes and more!