Shape the future of the DC NFT Universe

Shape the future of the DC NFT Universe

A guide to DC community voting.

The Bat Cowls project began with an invitation from Batman to heed the call and stand for justice. Each cowl also comes with a promise. By collecting a cowl and participating in the project, your choices will shape the future of Gotham City. Voting is a key feature of our DC platform. Here’s a guide to how it works. 

Bat Cowl holders are co-creating the first DC original blockchain comic. 

In a first for any major franchise IP, DC Bat Cowl holders gain access to a unique feature: the ability to shape a new Batman comic series, weighing in on everything from the logline and title to cover art, characters, events and last words over the course of 57 votes and 400,000 hours of in-world gameplay. The result is Batman: The Legacy Cowl—the first original DC comic book created through community voting. 

Batman: The Legacy Cowl - Chapter 1

Released September 17, 2022
Who hides behind the Cowl?
Over the years, Batman has designed various specialist cowls for specific tasks. He keeps them all secure in the Batcave. But when one goes missing, collection holders help shape the hows, whats and whys of the comic to tell the story of Batman’s newest mystery. It’s the story of the cowls!

Batman: The Legacy Cowl - Chapter 2

Released March 21, 2023
The Dark Knight stands alone…against Brainiac!
As Batman and Nightwing continue their search for the stolen Legacy Cowl, they encounter a powerful enemy…and a powerful ally to aid them. While they face off against one villain, the question remains: is it the right one? 

Batman: The Legacy Cowl - Chapter 3

Released September 15, 2023
Who lies behind the Cowl?
Batman knows who is responsible for the theft of The Legacy Cowl, and lays a trap to make them come to the scene of the crime…The Batcave and Wayne Manor. Can Batman overcome a foe who anticipates his every move? Who will define Batman’s true legacy? 

Fans choose the cover art for the Batman: The Legacy Cowl print edition. 

The DC Bat Cowl community plays a role in shaping the creative direction of new, original comics. And now, they have the opportunity to vote on physical art. In March, we announced that Batman: The Legacy Cowl Chapters #1-3 would be coming to print as a deluxe hardcover edition. Legendary Batman artist Dustin Nguyen is the cover artist. And on March 13th, we fans had the opportunity to vote on the cover art for the print edition. 

Now, Bat Cowl holders are contributing to new DC character and story development. 

As the comic series Batman: The Legacy Cowl unfolded, fans achieved a historic first: becoming the first community to introduce an original DC Super-Villain, The Legacy Cowl.

Now, The Legacy Cowl is the anchor point for a new digital collectible and crafting event series. The Legacy Cowl 1.1 Collection launched on March 29, selling out in less than a week.

On April 5, holders were airdropped an Overdrive Patch to overwrite the collection’s systems. And every month, Legacy Cowl holders get the chance to vote on where and how to pursue the nefarious Legacy Cowls in Gotham City; choosing clues and leads to follow as they shape the next chapter in this adventure. 

Here, fans shape the future.

If you’re interested in participating in upcoming voting opportunities subscribe for updates. You can explore the Legacy Cowl Collection and Bat Cowl Collection on the Candy DC Marketplace