The Candy Collectibles Starter Guide

The Candy Collectibles Starter Guide

Collect, play, and earn rewards with Candy Collectibles!

Officially licensed digital collectibles from your favorite sports leagues and cultural icons. Preserved on the blockchain. Yours to keep.

Anthony Rizzo's Digital Collectibles 101: Why I Collect

What are Candy Collectibles?

Each Candy collectible features iconic highlights from the hottest brands – whether it’s an exciting play by your favorite MLB star or a rare historic image from Getty’s visual vault. Build your collection and elevate your fan experience!


Every Candy collectible is part of a specific collection, jointly launched by Candy and an official partner like the MLB, DC, or Getty Images.Collections are either limited edition or open edition, and once the minting period ends the only way you can complete a collection will be on Candy’s secondary Marketplace.


Some Candy collectibles are available as stand-alone items, but most can be found in packs.Most packs are built around a specific theme, and each pack contains multiple collectibles of varying rarity levels. The macro details of each pack will be shared in advance, but you won’t know exactly what is in each pack until you open it!


Similar to traditional trading cards, Candy's Digital Cards ICONs are produced with various rarities. These range from Core, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, to Legendary (1-of-1). Each ICON is numbered 1-XXX in accordance with the number of subjects in a set. Each rarity features a unique design that differentiates the collectible. 


New Candy packs are released through exclusive drops.These drops will be announced in advance so you have time to prepare, and most drops will only be live for a limited amount of time. Be sure to keep an eye on your target collections and grab a pack before they sell out!


Access the latest drops: Every new Candy Collectible release will be announced in advance on Candy’s social and community channels. So if you want to get your hands on the latest drops, be sure to join the community and stay on top of the ball!

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Buy and sell existing collectibles: Looking for an existing Collectible to add to your collection? Look no further than the Candy Marketplace! The Candy Marketplace is a community hub that lets users buy and sell Collectibles between one another. Flip your new collectibles, complete a set, and enjoy total control over your Candy collection.

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Anthony Rizzo's Digital Collectibles 101: Candy Challenges

Compete against other Candy users as you build out your Candy collection.Collaborate to receive shared rewards during special community challenges.Win a wide range of prizes ranging from one-of-a-kind digital collectibles to exclusive in-person events!Learn more about challenges