Unpacking Candy's ICON Rarity Tiers

Unpacking Candy's ICON Rarity Tiers

 Just as each baseball season unfolds with rising anticipation, Candy's ICON rarity tiers ascend from the accessible to the exceptional, each tier more elusive and coveted than the last. 

Candy’s MLB ICON system is divided into five rarity tiers, and every tier adheres to a familial design language, complete with color schemes and rarity icon icons – with additional elements introduced for each consecutive rarity tier. 

Here’s an overview of each ICON rarity tier:


Like the dependable singles hitter, Candy’s Core ICONs form the backbone of any collector's lineup. Core collectibles feature many of your players, available in higher mint counts – but don't be fooled by their modest rarity score. Every Core ICON features crisp, desaturated designs that embody the grassroots spirit of baseball. No collection is complete without these trusty starters, and they're a perfect way to initiate a double play into the world of Candy ICONs.


With a unique blend of desaturated elements and dual imagery, Uncommon ICONs are like that clutch utility player every team needs. Each Uncommon ICON features a unique hero image superimposed with a secondary image, plus additional player info. But perhaps the biggest difference between Core and Uncommon collectibles is the video highlight embedded in the back – giving each Uncommon ICON an additional burst of excitement.


Each Rare ICON comes with a different hero image and video highlight than its Epic or Legendary counterparts — no signature here, but plenty of swagger. These collectibles’ unique blue color scheme mirrors the clear sky of a perfect game day, and every Rare ICON shines bright once it hits your roster.


Boasting lush purple hues, an extended video highlight, the featured player's autograph – Epic ICONs a grand slam for any collection. Compared to previous tiers, Epics’ images are bigger and their design details more intricate. Just as a star player wields outsized influence on the field, so does the presence of these Epic ICONs in your digital display case. 


Finally, the pinnacle of Candy's MLB collectible universe — the Legendary tier. Each Legendary collectible is a 1/1, making these collectibles as rare as a perfect game. These exclusive ICONs are bathed in gold elements, carrying the player's signature, with the premium design elements befitting of baseball royalty.


While these Core-to-Legendary rarity tiers cover nearly all of Candy’s MLB ICONs, the thrill of the collectibles landscape is its capacity for surprise and celebration. To that end, Candy quill occasionally celebrate baseball's landmark moments or community accomplishments by releasing a new 'Special Edition' rarity tier for exceptional collectibles that stand apart from our Core to Legendary tiers. 

One shining example is the 'Titan Rarity,' which was created exclusively for the 2022 MLB Leadoff Series. The Titan Challenge marked Candy’s first foray into the world of community burning challenges, and participants were required to gather and ‘burn’ specific MLB ICONs in exchange for one of only 200 available Titan ICONs. Titans were the first ‘Special Edition’ rarity to be released, and while they certainly won’t be the last, these releases will be few and far between.


Mint counts for each rarity tier vary depending on the collection, and can be viewed on the ‘About This Collectible’ information available in the Candy Marketplace. 

From Core to Legendary and beyond, each MLB ICON tier has its unique allure, echoing the very structure of baseball – where rookies and legends all share the same diamond. Each addition to your collection adds a chapter to your own baseball saga, and you never know which ICON may be the sleeper hit of the future.