Unlock the Secrets of the Court of Owls

Unlock the Secrets of the Court of Owls

Embark on a chilling journey through Gotham City with the Batman (2011-2016) #1 through #7 series, a tale that plunges the Dark Knight into the depths of an ancient conspiracy.

After a brutal attack on a political figure, Batman uncovers the whispered urban legend of the Court of Owls. 

This saga unfurls into a complex narrative where Batman faces his most profound challenge yet, questioning his understanding of the city he vows to protect.

Batman (2011-2016) #1 - #7
May 16 - May 29
Bat Cowl Holder Early Access: 11:00 AM - 11:59 AM ET
Public Sale: 12:00 PM ET
Edition Size: 3,000* per comic
Max purchase: 5 per account, per comic
Total Comics Per Pack: 1
Price: USD $6.99 each

Revealed Comics Secondary Market Listing: 2:00 PM ET, May 16th
Unrevealed Pack Secondary Market Listing: 12:00 PM ET, May 29th


Collect all 7 comics from the Primary sale and receive a free Court of Owls AR-enabled Mask collectible.

Overdrive 🚨 May 23 to May 29

Get an exclusive Collected Edition when you merge and burn all 7 Core rarities of Batman (2011-2016) #1 - #7 in Overdrive. The Collected Edition reward will be available in 5 rarity tiers: Core to Legendary. Get a refresher on Overdrive.

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Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to experience one of the most thrilling tales in Batman's storied history.

 Will you uncover the truth, or will the Court of Owls remain a step ahead?

Detailed instructions on how to purchase can be found here.

*Total collection sizes for each comic in this series will be limited to 3,000. 2,650 comics will be available for public sale. 300 comics (10%) will be reserved for early access for Bat Cowl Holders and 50 comics for team and comp distribution. The rarity for all 21,000 comics will be randomly assigned.

**To qualify for the Court of Owls AR-enabled Mask collectible users must purchase at least 1 of all 7 comics in the series (Batman (2011-2016) #1 - #7) from the primary sale. Offer available while supplies last. Purchases from the secondary marketplace do not qualify for this promotion. The Court of Owls AR-enabled Mask collectible will be limited to one per complete set of Batman (2011-2016) #1 - #7 purchased from Primary sales.