DC Overdrive Crafting

DC Overdrive Crafting

DC Overdrive is a revolutionary in-world computing system designed to give you the opportunity to unlock, expand, and access new materials in the DC NFT Universe.

Tips and Tricks

Below is a quick tutorial for DC Overdrive – your portal to unlock customizations, snag exclusive rewards, and pave the way for future adventures.

How Do I Use the DC Overdrive Beta Prototype?

  1. Start your Overdrive crafting experience at Candy.com/DC , scroll to DC Overdrive Crafting, click “View Challenges,” then “Play.”
  2. Make sure you’re logged in with your candy.com account.
  1. Select the challenge opportunity you want to explore. 
  1. View the collectible pieces required for crafting. 
  1. If you are missing a collectible piece, you can acquire one in the marketplace.
  1. Hit “Complete Challenge” at the top of the page to get to the asset selection page.
  1. Select the assets you would like to burn to complete the challenge, then click next. 
  1. In the Burn Confirmation screen, click “Confirm & Burn” to submit your assets to burn.
  1. Confirm you're ready to burn your collectibles in exchange for a new collectible.
  1. You'll receive an email that you've completed the craft. Your new collectible(s) will be airdropped to your account at the end of the Overdrive crafting event.

To learn more about DC Overdrive and other experiences start your collection at candy.com