The Legacy Cowls Collection

The Legacy Cowls Collection
The Legacy Cowls Collection | Released March 29, 2024

Commemorating the first DC Super-Villain created with fans

To celebrate Batman’s 85th anniversary, we’re excited to introduce a new DC digital collectible experience:

The Legacy Cowls Collection
dropped March 29, 2024

Released Friday, March 29th, this new DC digital collectible experience, based on Batman: The Legacy Cowl, the first DC comic on the blockchain created with fans, commemorated a milestone in comic book history: the introduction of a new DC Super-Villain.

Beginning in June 2022, DC Bat Cowl holders voted to create and shape the direction of this original comic book series in collaboration with DC artists and writers, culminating with the origination of this new DC Super-Villain.

The Legacy Cowls Collection is a tribute to Batman's timeless legacy, featuring 11,544 3D collectibles, an edition size that precisely mirrors the exact number of Bat Cowls minted.

By collecting a Legacy Cowl, you can unlock new experiences, including:

  • AR Lens: Each piece comes to life with augmented reality, compatible with Meta platforms.
  • Voting Opportunities: Holders get to vote on where and how to pursue The Legacy Cowls in Gotham City – uncovering new clues to overcome this villainous swarm. Cast your vote to define the next chapter in the evolution of this gripping adventure. 
  • Discover More in the Candy 3D Viewer: Each cowl edition holds secrets and puzzles tied to The Legacy Cowl's saga. Delve into these mysteries to reveal truths that could alter Gotham City's future.
  • Future Access to Selected Experiences and Drops: Owning a Legacy Cowl grants access to a curated selection of experiences and future drops.

Beyond the included features listed above, you’ll have the opportunity to level up your cowl with the following enhancements:

  • Limited-edition Crafting: Through DC Overdrive, collectors are empowered to overwrite The Legacy Cowl’s villainous code by crafting unique limited-edition collectibles. Monthly collector votes will determine new variant designs, and participating in crafting events will have a direct impact on the ongoing battle against The Legacy Cowl's influence over Gotham City. 
  • Exclusive Crafting Opportunities: Bat Cowl holders, Legends of Gotham City, and Harley Quinn Freakin’ Awesome Boxes of Mayhem holders will have exclusive access to some limited-edition crafting events. 
  • Physical Object Opportunities: Leverage your Legacy Cowl to seamlessly blend digital and physical realms that bring your digital asset into the tangible world.

The complete Legacy Cowl Collection of 11,544 cowls will be released in a series of four (4) separate sales occurring throughout 2024, starting with the initial sale on March 29th. Dates for the subsequent three (3) sales will be announced at a later time.

A New DC Super-Villain Designed with Fans

The Legacy Cowls Collection is a new digital collectible experience based on Batman: The Legacy Cowl, the first original DC comic on the blockchain shaped through community voting. 

Beginning in June 2022, DC Bat Cowl Collection holders voted to create and shape the direction of the series, in collaboration with DC artists and writers. 

Spanning 57 votes and 3 chapters, the series culminated with the origination of a new DC Super-Villain: The Legacy Cowl. DC Bat Cowl holders participated in comic book voting, contributing to key decisions like titles, dialogues, and character development. 

Explore the Legacy Cowl’s origin story.

A Celebration of Batman’s Legacy

By participating in The Legacy Cowls Collection experience, you have the opportunity to shape the next chapter. In Batman: The Legacy Cowl #3, it was revealed that The Legacy Cowl, a villainous AI, is duplicating its system. 

Each base edition collectible Legacy Cowl is a clone of the original. Through monthly votes, collectors get to define crafting events and evolve their cowls into unique limited-edition collectibles — and overwrite its villainous code. As you collect your Legacy Cowl duplicates, you’ll uncover clues that reveal its nefarious plan to finish what it began.

Join us in celebrating Batman with The Legacy Cowls Collection on March 29, 2024. Be a part of this historic moment and take your place in the ongoing saga within Gotham City.

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