The Legacy Cowl: Gotham City's Newest Nightmare

The Legacy Cowl: Gotham City's Newest Nightmare
The Legacy Cowl | Origin Story

In the shadows of Gotham City, a dark force gathers strength. 

An ominous presence threatens to destroy Batman’s legacy. Will it finish what it began?

Introducing an original DC Super-Villain designed with the votes of fans.

The Legacy Cowls Collection
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The Birth of a New DC Super-Villain

The Legacy Cowl – a discarded AI prototype from Batman’s experimental tools to ensure his legacy –  has gone rogue. After its mysterious disappearance from the Bat Cave, it began to manufacture duplicates of itself… creating a city-wide mystery that propelled Gotham City into a vortex of uncertainty and fear.

Forged from a scan of Batman’s brain, the Legacy Cowl embodies justice with a relentless, inhuman drive. Its lack of human empathy and ingenuity creates new dangers for the citizens of Gotham City as its duplicates seek to protect Gotham City from its own citizens. 

While this sophisticated swarm has disappeared into the shadows of the city… the citizens of Gotham City aren’t waiting to be saved. It’s up to them to follow up on clues, seek out pockets of The Legacy Cowl’s remnants, and determine how to overwrite them to keep their city safe for those who live in it. 

The Emergence of a Dark Legacy

First revealed in Batman: The Legacy Cowl #3, this new DC Super-Villain explores themes of legacy, humanity, and the dangers of technological reliance. As a character designed to mirror yet challenge Batman, The Legacy Cowl possesses intimate knowledge of the darkest recesses of Batman’s mind, every strategy, and the ability to hijack his technology. This cunning entity even manipulates members of the Bat Family, transforming them into pawns within its elaborate scheme.

Gotham City's Fate in the Hands of its Citizens

The disappearance of The Legacy Cowl set the stage for an unprecedented collaboration among citizens of Gotham City. The remaining Bat Cowls, without AI integrations, were entrusted to the Gotham City District Knightwatch (GCDK). Tasked with unraveling the city's mysteries and climbing the ranks through crew challenges, they represent Gotham City’s first line of defense in a rapidly evolving battlefield.

The GCDK’s journey began amidst chaos, pitted against the Harley Quinn Crew in a daring confrontation at the Gotham City Hall of Records. Yet, it’s the digital shadows that pose the greater threat — leading the GCDK to next investigate an obscure intrusion in Gotham City’s systems, solving various mysteries in their assigned districts along the way, and unlocking the GCDK code key to help coordinate on the ground.

The Architect of Its Own Escape

The true genius of The Legacy Cowl lies not in its creation, but in its daring escape and subsequent plots. Engineering its own theft, it not only liberated itself, but also manipulated Gotham City's Super Heroes and Super-Villains, ensnaring Batgirl, Brainiac, and Lex Luthor in its web and spawning a legion of cowls for its sinister ends when Chapter 3 of Batman: The Legacy Cowl revealed its self-replicating assembly line, creating 11,544 copies, precisely mirroring the exact number of Bat Cowls in Gotham City.

Overcome the Lethal Legacy…

Batman, Nightwing, and Batgirl face the monumental task of countering a technology that once promised protection but now forebodes doom. 

In the face of this unparalleled threat, citizens of Gotham City must stand for justice together against this lethal  legacy and confront the aftermath. Crews and civilians must come together to reconnect severed ties and circumvent the traps laid by this newfound adversary.

Craft Your Story…

  • Uncover nefarious Legacy Cowls hiding throughout Gotham City. 
  • Collect more pieces of the swarm, the Batcomputer will learn more about how to overcome the cowls  and deliver patches to Overdrive. 
  • Vote on what clues and leads to follow and support other citizens in Gotham City as they devise ingenious ways to tackle the evolving code of The Legacy Cowls remnants. 
  • Identify new components and methods to overwrite the evolving swarm’s code. 
  • Use components in Overdrive to create limited-edition versions of the Legacy Cowls in safe mode.
  • Piece together puzzles to uncover the deeper secrets of The Legacy Cowls’ core to shut it down permanently.

Gotham City's future – shrouded under the threat of the Legacy Cowls – beckons the brave to stand and reclaim it.

Finish what it began...

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