V1 Candy Loyalty Program

Let’s dive into the details of our V1 Loyalty Program.

V1 Candy Loyalty Program

Hey Candy Fam,

Let’s dive into the details of our V1 Loyalty Program.


For our V1, the program will contain one primary tier, VIP, which will be for top spenders. We’ll talk a little bit about the future program and its structure later on.


To gain eligibility to the Candy VIP Program, users will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have a Net Spend of $50k all time. Net spend was calculated by:
  • Adding all primary and secondary purchases on Candy’s site and Biski, including fees; and
  • Subtracting all secondary sales made on Candy’s site, including fees
  • This does not include Open Sea purchases or sales

Once a user hits this threshold they will be included in the VIP Tier for the remainder of the year they qualified as well as the following calendar year. To remain eligible users will need to maintain a Total Yearly Spend of $20k (not Net Spend, so does not include secondary sales).

Users who have qualified for the program will receive a welcome email by Tuesday, December 6th, 2022.


Members of the VIP Tier will receive the following perks:

1. Automatic entry to specified sweepstakes for prizes and IRL experiences

2. Dedicated Support

  • The email address on your Candy account will be whitelisted in our system - Any time you reach out to our Fan Experience Team, you’ll receive prioritized support

3. Periodic roundtables with Candy Executives

  • Our first VIP Roundtable hosted by Scott Lawin, CEO of Candy Digital and Matt Novogratz, Senior Vice President of Partnerships will be on Wednesday, January 11th, 2023 at 6:00pm EST

4. First access to RSVP to IRL events

5. Loyalty Gifts

  • Keep an eye on your inbox. Your welcome email will include a special surprise!

Future of Loyalty

As we look toward the future, we want to expand our Loyalty Program to include more users and other exciting features. Some of the main features we’re hoping to include are:

  1. Adding identifiers to usernames and collections of VIP users on site
  2. Welcome Gift Boxes
  3. Community Calendar for drops, snapshots, and engagements

And features we’re exploring:

  1. Tiers for different levels of spend
  2. Progress tracker for gaining/maintaining eligibility in your account
  3. Balance Rewards
  4. Engagement Score or Program

Candy Fam Program

Joining our Discord server will get you into the Candy Fam. Actively participating in Discord can get you access to perks such as exclusive content, prizes, and entries to raffles.

The Full Terms and Conditions can be found here.