This Month in Baseball: October

500 limited edition packs featuring the biggest October moments from current MLB stars.

This Month in Baseball: October

Our final edition of 2023 This Month in Baseball features career-defining playoff moments from current MLB stars. From Kershaw's 1st career save sending the Dodgers to the NLCS in 2016 to Ronald Acuña Jr. becoming the youngest player to hit a postseason grand slam in 2018, now is your chance to collect and own history.


  • 500 packs
  • 4 Highlights per pack
  • 4 Rarities (ranging from Core - Epic)
  • $50


2023 Plays of the Week
Play Title Rarity Mint Count Player
Cody Bellinger robs a HR in Game 2 of NLDS- 10/7/20 Core 142 Cody Bellinger
Mookie Betts makes amazing Game 7 NLCS HR robbery- 10/18/20 Core 142 Mookie Betts
Alex Bregman gets WS walk-off hit- 10/30/17 Core 142 Alex Bregman
Brett Phillips gets WS walk-off hit- 10/25/20 Core 142 Brett Phillips
Max Scherzer picks up Game 1 WS win- 10/22/19 Core 142 Max Scherzer
Bryce Harper hits 1st postseason HR- 10/12/12 Core 142 Bryce Harper
Juan Soto becomes 2nd youngest player to hit WS HR in 1st WS game- 10/22/19 Core 142 Juan Soto
Anthony Rizzo caps 5-0, NLCS Game 6 win with solo HR - 10/22/1 Core 142 Anthony Rizzo
Kris Bryant hits crucial Game 5 WS HR- 10/30/16 Core 142 Kris Bryant
Stephen Strasburg picks up pivotal Game 6 WS win- 10/29/19 Core 142 Stephen Strasburg
Miguel Cabrera hits 1st career WS HR- 10/22/03 Uncommon 85 Miguel Cabrera
Max Muncy ends longest WS game with walk-off HR- 10/26/18 Uncommon 85 Max Muncy
Aaron Judge hits 1st postseason HR- 10/3/17 Uncommon 85 Aaron Judge
Carlos Correa hits walk-off HR- 10/15/20 Uncommon 85 Carlos Correa
Jose Altuve hits series winning walk-off HR- 10/19/19 Uncommon 85 Jose Altuve
George Springer sets WS record with 5th straight game with HR- 10/22/19 Uncommon 85 George Springer
Madison Bumgarner records longest save in WS history- 10/29/14 Rare 20 Madison Bumgarner
Adam Wainwright records Game 7 NLCS save- 10/19/06 Rare 20 Adam Wainwright
Ronald Acuna Jr becomes youngest player to hit postseason Grand Slam- 10/7/18 Rare 20 Ronald Acuna Jr
Clayton Kershaw records 1st career save to send Dodgers to NLCS- 10/14/16 Epic 10 Clayton Kershaw

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