The Legacy Cowls Calendar: Monthly Experiences & Drops

The Legacy Cowls Calendar: Monthly Experiences & Drops

Every month, Legacy Cowl holders get the chance to vote on where and how to pursue the nefarious Legacy Cowls in Gotham City.

Holders will be voting on the clues and leads to follow and support other citizens of Gotham City as they devise ingenious ways to tackle the evolving code of The Legacy Cowl’s remnants. Holders' votes will determine the next chapter in the evolution of this gripping adventure.

The results of each month's vote will determine the following month’s component drop (e.g. April’s vote = May’s component drop) and the Limited Edition Legacy Cowl it can create in Overdrive. 

Legacy Cowl holders will then get the opportunity to participate in an Overdrive crafting event to overwrite The Legacy Cowl’s villainous code by crafting unique limited-edition versions of Base Edition and Safe Mode Edition Legacy Cowls, changing the appearance of their cowls permanently.

Looking for a quick guide to the Legacy Cowls Collection lingo? We've got you covered! See below for our glossary.


At the beginning of each month, this blog post will be refreshed with the current month's calendar of upcoming Legacy Cowls Collection experiences and drops.

Please note that dates may change, so we recommend checking back regularly for updates.


Base Edition Legacy Cowl

The initial version of a Legacy Cowl collectible, which comes without any applied rarities or customization. It serves as the foundational model for holders to customize through Overdrive Crafting Experiences with components. These base editions are still part of the Legacy Cowl Swarm, can hypnotize their hosts, and threaten the citizens of Gotham City. Each Base Edition Legacy Cowl can only be burned for crafting once. Safe Mode Edition Legacy Cowls can be burned for crafting during future Overdrive events to unlock limited edition Legacy Cowls.

Variant Edition Legacy Cowl

Limited edition Legacy Cowls that have been overwritten in Overdrive feature different appearances, and unlock unique clues about the Legacy Cowls’ activities. Each is available for a limited time before the rogue AI updates itself.


A digital collectible that reflects a method of overcoming the defenses of a Base Edition Legacy Cowl created by citizens of Gotham City or the Batcomputer that when burned in Overdrive crafting events, alters the cowl’s appearance and unlocks new clues.


A virtual computing system that allows citizens of Gotham City to unlock, access and expand elements of the DC storyworld. A monthly crafting event allows Legacy Cowl holders to burn components and cowls, thereby neutralizing their cowl to overwrite The Legacy Cowl’s villainous code and customizing their appearance. How to Use Overdrive.


A special type of component that is airdropped to holders within specific eligible groups. Patches offer unique customization options and celebrate membership within the Legacy Cowls community.

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