The Dawn of the Dark Knight 🦇 DC3 Launches the Batman: Year One Collection

The Dawn of the Dark Knight 🦇 DC3 Launches the Batman: Year One Collection

In the shadow-drenched alleys of Gotham City, where the line between heroism and vigilantism blurs, the Batman: Year One DC3 collection is a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors alike. This meticulously-curated release heralds a deep dive into the very essence of what makes Batman an enduring icon.

The Genesis of Gotham City's Guardian

Immerse yourself in the origin story of the Dark Knight with the first two installments of our 4-part series DC3 release, starting with Batman (1940-2011) #404 and Batman (1940-2011) #405.

Written by the legendary Frank Miller with stunning art by David Mazzucchelli, these DC3s set the stage for a raw and realistic retelling of Batman’s beginnings and Lieutenant James Gordon’s relentless fight against Gotham City's corruption.

In Batman (1940-2011) #404, witness Bruce Wayne’s transformation into Batman and his first attempts to fight crime in a corrupt Gotham City. Batman (1940-2011) #405 continues this epic tale, featuring Lieutenant James Gordon as he battles the city’s decay alongside the emerging vigilante.

Batman: Year One Series Release

April 11: Batman (1940-2011) #404 and #405
April 18: Batman (1940-2011) #406 and #407
Bat Cowl Holder Early Access: 8:00 am - 8:59 am PT
Public Sale: 9 am PT
Edition Sizes: 3,500*
Max purchase: 2 per account (1 in early access) per comic
Price: USD $9.99 per pack

Secondary Market Listing (Revealed Comics):
  April 11 drops: 11am PT, Apr 11th
  April 18 drops: 11am PT, Apr 18th

Secondary Market Listing (Unrevealed Pack):
  April 11 drops: 9am PT, Apr 15th
  April 18 drops: 9am PT, Apr 22nd

Batman: Year One Overdrive Event Dates: April 25 - May 2
Each DC3 in this series will be available in three rarity tiers: Core, Epic, and Legendary.

Overdrive: Crafting Your Collection

Enter Overdrive, a virtual computing system that allows citizens of Gotham City to unlock, access and expand elements of the DC storyworld, transcending the traditional boundaries of storytelling and collecting.

Through Overdrive, collectors can merge Core variants of the entire Batman (1940-2011) #404 - #407 collection into a single collected edition, featuring 5 rarity tiers: Core through Legendary.

Collectors have the duration of the Overdrive event (April 25 - May 2) to gather all four Core variants of Batman (1940-2011) #404, #405, #406, and #407 to be eligible to participate in Overdrive.

No additional fuel cell component is required and there’s no additional cost to participate in Batman: Year One Overdrive.

Your crafting reward, the Batman: Year One collected edition, will be airdropped to your Candy account at the conclusion of the Overdrive event. 

Learn more: How to Use DC Overdrive.

Batman: Year One Overdrive Event Dates
🗓️ April 25, 2024 - May 2, 2024

Exclusive Content: A Nostalgic Journey

Epic and Legendary variants of Batman (1940-2011) #404, #405, #406, and #407 offer a nostalgic glimpse into the series’ original promotions. This bonus content is more than just artwork; it's a portal to the past, inviting collectors to experience the excitement and anticipation that surrounded these comics' original release.

With the Batman: Year One collection, the call to delve into the origins of Gotham City's protector has never been more compelling. Whether you choose to participate in the Overdrive crafting event or treasure the exclusive content offered by the Epic and Legendary variants, this collection invites you to secure a piece of Batman's storied history.

Secure your piece of Batman history with the Batman: Year One collection. Don't let this landmark story slip through your fingers.

Will you heed the call?

Detailed instructions on how to purchase can be found here.

*Total collection sizes will be limited to 3,500 comics. 3,100 comics will be available for public sale. 350 comics (10%) will be reserved for early access for Bat Cowl Holders and 50 comics for team and comp distribution. The rarity for all 3,500 comics will be randomly assigned.