Nightmare Logic

Nightmare Logic

What’s undead can’t die. A new collection traces the long shadow of spirit photography through the work of contemporary artists. 

The first known spirit photograph was taken in America in 1861. With cameras, we could begin to communicate with other worlds. Spirit photography captured elusive phenomena. It offered proof of afterlife, and something even more powerful than that, too. It opened up access into another realm: one that you could summon yourself, if you had the right tools.

Over a century has passed, but spirit photography still moves us. The camera gives us a language for confronting ourselves. For communicating with one another. For transcending time, and even the visible world. What started as a dark room accident remains a powerful reminder that another reality is possible. 

The legacy of spirit photography lives on in a new generation of artists who use the paranormal as a way to explore identity. Nightmare Logic, featuring artwork from Jacob Haupt, Robert Hickerson, Elyse Fulcher, and Rachel Stern is about giving form to the things we fear, and having fun with it, too. 

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Nightmare Logic: Collection Details

Release Date: 10.25.23 - 1pm ET

Sale Close: 11.27.23 - 5pm ET

Format: Digital

Works: 10 Artworks

Editions: 10 Editions

Price: $75