MLB ICON Leadoff Series Lineup 3 Specifics

Filling your dugout with impact players? Putting together a full roster? Soon, you’ll be 90 players closer to the complete set of 630.

MLB ICON Leadoff Series Lineup 3 Specifics


  • Pack Details
  • Players per Drop
  • 90 Players Included

Filling your dugout with impact players? Putting together a full roster? Soon, you’ll be 90 players closer to the complete set of 630. That’s right — Leadoff Series Lineup 3 drops tomorrow! This round includes a completely new group of players you haven't come across in the Leadoff Series.

And just in case you missed Friday’s big announcement, we’ve restructured our Leadoff Series. We’ve decreased the total number of players to 630 and the number of Lineups to 6, with pack price being reduced from $50 to $30. Most importantly, we’re rolling out a burning collection challenge this summer! All information can be found here; keep checking back with us for more announcements!

The rest of the 630 players will be on their way throughout the next couple of weeks in Lineups 4-6. Plus, we’re only a couple weeks into the season, so there’s plenty more to come from these guys! Home runs, grand slams, diving catches, stolen bases; own the players who could score the Play of the Day and maybe a couple (or a bunch) of post-season wins. Watch their stats accumulate and update as the season progresses.

Don’t forget, this is the only drop where you will see this many players in one set, and a set of this volume. Specialized and limited series will drop later in the season, but there won’t be anything else like this first edition Leadoff Series.

Lineup Specifics:

31,000 packs per drop

More details:

  • 100 players will have a Legendary
  • 141 players will have an Epic
  • 179 players will have a Rare
  • 630 players will have an Uncommon and a Core

There are five ICONs, with a chance at five different rarities, in each pack, and the 630 included players are divided up randomly throughout Lineups. On top of the five ICONs, you have a chance to score an ultra-rare Candy World Series NFT. There are only eight total, and they’re divided up randomly in the Lineups! The utility of these eight NFTs will be revealed at a later date.

Drop Details:

  • Tuesday, May 10 ~ 31,000 packs
  • 10am ET early access, 12pm ET general access
  • $30 per pack
  • The public sale window for each drop will run from Tuesday 12pm ET to Friday 8pm ET, while supplies last.

Dynamic Stats* are part of the 2022 MLB ICONs and will be updated daily. Each day, you can track the performance of your favorite MLB players and see their current stats on the back of your ICON.

*Note that Dynamic Stats will be viewable on desktop and mobile users with the latest models.

Players Included

Top Players in Lineup 3 :

  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - Entering the league at only 20 years old, Vlad Jr. has already put up massive numbers and has become a perennial All-Star and MVP candidate. Last season, he won a Silver Slugger, a Hank Aaron Award, and was named the All-Star Game MVP.
  • Aaron Judge - There’s a nasty defender and elite hitter in  6’7” 280 lb. Aaron Judge. He’s been with the Yankees since being drafted by them in 2013 and making his debut in 2016. Judge was the 2017 Rookie of the Year and has two Silver Sluggers. A beloved face at Yankee Stadium, Judge has 158 home runs and 366 RBIs so far in his young career.
  • Bobby Witt Jr. - At only 21 years old, Bobby Witt Jr.’s the new third baseman for the Kansas City Royals.. Son of 16 year MLB starting pitcher Bobby Witt, the two made history being the highest-drafted father son duo ever (Jr. beat dad by one spot after being selected second overall in the 2019 MLB Draft). Witt Jr. has the raw tools both offensively and defensively at shortstop that make him an immediate American League MVP contender. Witt already smashed his first career home run and brought his base running skills from the minor leagues with four stolen bases on the season so far.
  • Nolan Arenado - After nine seasons in the majors, Arenado has four Silver Sluggers and an astonishing nine Gold Gloves. This season, he currently has one the highest OPS on the Cardinals at 1.021. He spent most of his career in Colorado after moving to St. Louis last season, where last season alone had 105 RBI, 34 HR and a 4.2 WAR.
  • Manny Machado - Going into his 11th season, Manny Machado played most of his career at Camden Yards in Baltimore, then did a quick stint in Dodger Stadium before landing in San Diego at Petco Park. The third baseman has a Silver Slugger and Gold Glove to his name as well as 251 home runs and 751 RBIs. Machado is a consistent player and will offer a lot to the young Padres this season.

Early Access

With new Lineups come new Early Access groups, so here’s what you’ll need to know down below.

Early Access groups for Lineup 3 include:

Tier 1

  • All-Star Full Set Holders (One-time snapshot taken on March 31, 2022 11:59 PM ET)
  • Uncut Diamonds Full Set Holders (One-time snapshot taken on March 31, 2022 11:59 PM ET)
  • MLB Stadium Series Chaser Completionists (Original List of Stadium Chaser recipients)
  • Candy Suite Members
  • Candy Discord “Day Ones”

Tier 2

A snapshot will be taken prior to each even-numbered Lineup to determine eligibility for early access.

Future snapshots will be taken on May 2nd, May 23, June 13 @ 9 AM ET

Holders at the time of each snapshot will be eligible for the Lineup immediately following the snapshot:

  • Candy Sweet Futures Basketball Chaser Holders
  • Legendary 2021 MLB ICONs Holders (2021 All-Star and Uncut Diamonds; 2022 Legendaries do not apply)

Tier 3

In addition to the tiers above, there will be a tier for groups that are granted early access for a limited number of Lineups.

The following groups will have Early Access to Lineup 3:

  • Own 10 or more POTDs (Snapshot taken on April 11, 2022 8:59:59 AM ET)
  • Atlanta Braves World Series Gold Trophy (Snapshot taken on April 11, 2022 8:59:59 AM ET)
  • 30+ Core rarity ICON holders (2021 or 2022) (Snapshot taken on May 2nd, 2022 @ 9 AM ET)
  • 12+ Next Gen Digi-Casts (Snapshot taken on May 2nd, 2022 @ 9 AM ET)
  • Epic rarity 2022 Sweet Futures Basketball NFT holders (Snapshot taken on May 2nd, 2022 @ 9 AM ET)
  • VaynerSports Pass VSP Baseball holders who are signed up to Candy

Note that early access groups do not “stack”. There will be one early access window for each Lineup as specified above. Also note this is how early access is being conducted for these particular drops. It does not mean this is always how early access will be conducted for all future drops.

Please ensure you’ve verified your account ahead of time for best practice and to avoid issues during our pack drops.