MLB ICON Leadoff Series Lineup 1 Specifics

Baseball is back, which means packs are back! Our 2022 MLB Leadoff Series feature four separate Lineups with 180 players in each, totaling in 720 current MLB players as part of this collection.

MLB ICON Leadoff Series Lineup 1 Specifics


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Baseball is back, which means packs are back! Our 2022 MLB Leadoff Series feature four separate Lineups with 180 players in each, totaling in 720 current MLB players as part of this collection.

Our first Lineup is dropping soon! There are two drops per Lineup, with drops occurring throughout the first half of the season.

The Leadoff Series is the only drop where you will see this many players in one set, and a set of this volume. Throughout the year, following the Leadoff Series, there will be other limited and specialized packs.

Lineup Specifics:

60,000 packs per drop

Total edition size per player ranges from 2,350 - 5,001 total editions*.

The majority of the 720 players in the Leadoff Series will have between 2,350 -3,100 editions.

*Note that this is a total edition size, meaning an accumulation of all ICONs of all rarity tiers that a given player has in the Leadoff Series.

More details:

  • 100 players will have a Legendary
  • 260 players will have an Epic
  • 480 players will have a Rare
  • 720 players will have an Uncommon and a Core

Each pack will contain five ICONs with a chance at five different rarities. The players included won’t be found in any other Lineups! Players are divided up in drops at random.

In addition to the player NFTs, the Leadoff Series will also introduce eight ultra-rare Candy World Series NFTs. These eight NFTs will be in random packs throughout the drops and the utility will be revealed at a later date.

Drop Details:

  • Drop 1 April 12
  • 10am ET early access, 12pm ET general access
  • Drop 2 April 19
  • 10am ET early access, 12pm ET general access
  • $50 per pack
  • Early Access Details
  • The public sale window for each drop will run from Tuesday 12pm ET to Friday 8pm ET, while supplies last.

Dynamic Stats* are coming to 2022 MLB ICONs and they will be updated daily. Each day you can track the performance of your favorite MLB players and see their numbers on the back of your ICON.

*Note that Dynamic Stats will be viewable on desktop and mobile users with the latest models.

All 180 Players in Lineup 1

Top Players in Lineup 1:

Mike Trout - An already known Legendary Icon in our All-Star pack, Mike Trout has more to offer. He’s entering his 11th year in the MLB and he’s only 30 years old. A life-time member of the Los Angeles Angels, so far, he’s earned them 310 home runs and 816 RBI. Trout has an award list as long as a CVS receipt starting with the 2012 Rookie of the Year; he is an eight-time Silver Slugger, three-time MVP, two-time Hank Aaron winner, two-time All-Star Game MVP.

Bryce Harper - The 2021 season was a career best for Bryce Harper, winning his second Silver Slugger, second MVP Award and second Hank Aaron Award. In the first 115 games he had 27 home runs and 63 RBI, adding to his current career total of 267 home runs and 752 RBI. He’ll be back for his fourth season in Philly and 11th season total to add to his extensive resume.

Wander Franco - With only one season under his belt in the majors, Wander Franco already proved himself as a generational talent. He agreed to a contract keeping him in Tampa Bay for the next 11 seasons. Wander has never had a three strikeout game and struck out a total of less than 12% last season. The switch-hitter brought in 39 RBI and 7 home runs in his first year.

Francisco Lindor - The number eight pick overall in 2011 made his debut in 2015 with the Cleveland Indians. Since then Francisco Lindor has won two Gold Gloves and two Silver Sluggers. He’s going on his eighth season in the league and second with the New York Mets. Last season, Lindor had a career first, three homer game, and it also earned him the title of first player to have a three-homer outing in the history of the Subway Series. In his career thus far, Lindor has brought in 158 home runs and 474 RBI.

Paul Goldschmidt - After eight seasons as an Arizona Diamondback, Paul Goldschmidt made the move to St. Louis in 2019. The first baseman won the Hank Aaron award in 2013, as well as four Silver Sluggers and four Gold Gloves. Last year, Goldy ranked top-five in his position in almost every defensive metric. He’s back in Busch Stadium this year to add to his 280 home runs and 927 RBI.

Kyle Tucker -  Kyle Tucker made his big league debut in 2018 after being the fifth overall draft pick in 2015. At just 24 years old, Tucker shows an All-Star caliber of play. Tucker has above average offensive capabilities bringing in 30 home runs, 92 RBI and double-digit stolen bases just last season.

Shane Bieber -  A member of the 2016 draft class, Shane Bieber was grabbed by Cleveland and has been in the land ever since. In Bieber's four seasons in the big leagues, he was a 2020 Cy Young recipient, with an ERA of 1.63, and the 2019 All-Star Game MVP. The starting pitcher has racked up 633 strikeouts, his highest being in 2019 with 259.

Lucas Giolito - Lucas Giolito is the owner of one of the best change ups in the league. Last year he ended the season with an ERA of 2.65 and 201 strikeouts, adding to his career total of 696. He made his debut back in 2016 and is entering his sixth season in the South Side of Chicago with the White Sox.

Julio Urías - Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher, Julio Urías is about to start his seventh season in Dodger Stadium. Making his debut in 2016, Urías has 32 wins and 427 strikeouts to his name. Last year, there were no home runs against his changeup and it got batters to put the ball on the ground 60% of the time.

Austin Riley - A 2021 Silver Slugger and World Series Champion, Austin Riley is going back for his fourth season in Atlanta. He timed a breakout well, starting a hot streak in the second half of the season and continuing into the postseason. Riley ranked top 10 in WAR and hit seven homers in eight games following mid July. He has a career total of 59 home runs and 183 RBI and he’s seemingly just getting started.