Introducing the Portraits Collection: By Getty Images x Candy

Introducing the Portraits Collection:  By Getty Images x Candy

We are thrilled to announce the latest drop by Getty Images and Candy – Portraits: Echoes Across the Lens of Time!

Prior to the advent of photography, portraiture was mainly reserved for the wealthy elite who could afford commissioned paintings. This democratization of portraiture challenged the exclusivity of the art world, enabling people from various social backgrounds to have their likenesses captured. On top of that, portrait photography provided the ideal environment for artists to explore new approaches to lighting, composition, and body language, which would ultimately go on to influence countless other artistic mediums.

The Portraits Collection includes rare digitized photographs of a wide cast of characters from the late 1800s to early 1900s – from celebrated historical figures like Charles Dickens to unknown individuals whose names have been lost in time. The compositions of these images run a similarly wide gamut, reflecting their subjects’ varied styles and expressions.

Portraits Drop Details
• Start Date: July 10, 1pm ET
• End Date: July 31, 1pm ET
• 20 unique digital photographs (open edition)
• $10 per photograph

Portraits and The Alchemy Images

In addition to the above, Candy and Getty Images recently kicked off our inaugural partnership with Palm DAO and Obscura DAO, "Call X Alchemy", inviting new and aspiring artists to reimagine existing historical images and turn them into new works of art!

This collection consists of four remixed works created by the web3 community, based on hand-picked photographs from the Portraits. This special offering is known as The Alchemy Images.

Alchemy Drop Details
• Start Date: July 10, 1pm ET
• End Date: July 31, 1pm ET
• 4 digital photographs
• Edition Size: 100 per photograph
• $20 per photograph


New Partners, New Possibilities
Both the Portraits Collection and Call X Alchemy are part of Candy and Getty Images’ ongoing mission to provide wider access to unique, impactful photographic records using blockchain technology.

Together, we are opening the Getty Images archives to individual collectors, and bridging the gap between traditional ways to store, buy and sell photography and the web3 space. And now that we’ve partnered with Palm DAO and Obscura DAO, you can expect more to come in terms of community-led creativity and expression!

Explore these incredible images here.