Inside the Gotham City District Knightwatch

Inside the Gotham City District Knightwatch

What does it mean to protect Gotham City with Batman?

🦇 The Gotham City District Knightwatch stands for justice with Batman… but can they take on the forces of Gotham City’s Villains?

Batman, concerned about what could happen to Gotham City if he was no longer there to protect it, created the Bat Cowls, specialized helmets that were delivered to citizens across Gotham City with an invitation: Stand with me for Justice.

Since its inception, the Gotham City District Knightwatch has done just that, donning their cowls to patrol the 10 districts that were assigned to their various patrols and responding to the Batcomputer’s alerts to solve mysteries.

Their first major test occurred when — inspired by Batman’s efforts to build a faction — Harley Quinn started recruiting for Harley Quinn Crew.

To celebrate 30 years of her nefarious adventures, Harley Quinn taunted the Gotham City District Knightwatch to R.S.V.P. for Mayhem. She led them on a merry chase throughout Gotham City where she’d set up a series of events to obscure her real goal — breaking into the Gotham City Hall of Records and stealing all the records of her identity.

The Gotham City District Knightwatch failed to stop her.
Batman failed to stop her.

But Batman made the Gotham City District Knightwatch a promise… that he would train them to take on the crews of Gotham City’s villains so they would be ready for the next challenge.

What are the aspirations of the Gotham City District Knightwatch? How does a civilian become a hero according to Batman’s philosophy?

  • Stand for Justice.
  • Seek the truth.
  • Be a noble protector.
  • Protect the innocent.
  • Inspire others to act when bad things happen.
  • Build a community that protects their city.
  • Become a guardian of Gotham City.

What are the skills members of the Gotham City District Knightwatch are training to build? How will Batman challenge GCDK members to take on villains and their factions?

  • Detective Skills
    The World’s Greatest Detective needs GCDK members to use investigative techniques to examine crime scenes, uncover secrets from documents, and witness interviews. Can the GCDK learn to seek out the signal from the noise?
  • Secrets
    It’s not enough to deduce information from tips. GCDK members must train in intelligence gathering and techniques in sharing information together — from cryptography to spycraft.
  • Shadows
    Batman knows the power of disguise and stealth, and the GCDK must learn how to use their cowls — when to fade into the darkness, and when to use the power of their Bat Cowls to intimidate and defend.
  • Gotham City
    The GCDK are Gotham City’s protectors; but to defend it, they must know it. The geography, culture and history of Gotham City is a critical skill for every GCDK member. With the Batcomputer’s help, they’ll uncover the hidden nooks and crannies throughout the city and dive into its past, present and future.

How do you progress through the Ranks of the Gotham City District Knightwatch? GCDK members can be recognized for achievements in all four categories, based on a ranking system.

  • Patrol Level
    Recruits have collected the Bat Cowl and are members of the GCDK.
  • Apprentice Level
    Apprentices in each category have participated in Batman’s challenges and are awarded the category’s first level rank. These ranks may also be granted based on a GCDK member’s contributions to the community.
  • Master Level
    To attain master level in a category, a GCDK member must have completed Batman’s challenge in a specific category at the highest possible level of achievement. For example, the first master level ranks were awarded to members who were able to determine the meanings of all 30 clues in the first season of GCDK Mysteries.
  • Legend of Gotham City
    Recruits who have attained all four master levels in the GCDK’s skill categories.
  • GCDK Sigil Holders
    For GCDK members with GCDK Sigils in their collection, an exclusive role in upcoming experiences will test their mettle and give them an opportunity to fly the flag for each of their districts.

Batman’s challenges are delivered exclusively to those with DC Bat Cowwls in their collection at the DC NFT Marketplace. Are you ready to see what Gotham City has in store as GCDK members patrol from Crime Alley to Old Gotham? From Tricorner to The Bowery?

Heed the Call.

Stand for Justice.