Gotham City's Next Chapter: A Look at the Bat Cowl Journey Ahead.

Gotham City's Next Chapter: A Look at the Bat Cowl Journey Ahead.

The DC Bat Cowl Collection launched in 2021 with the mission of giving fans incredible  access to the DC universe: the ability to own and create their story in Gotham City.

Today, April 30, 2024 marks two years: a milestone in comic history, and a testament to the power of our community.

It started with an invitation from Batman to stand for justice. Our community has unlocked new experiences, event access; previously unmapped parts of Gotham City. 

Our factions were tested in crew challenges. We forged alliances. We began to prototype crafting. We worked alongside DC artists and writers to contribute to the first comic on the blockchain, Batman: The Legacy Cowl. We unleashed a new Super-Villain, becoming the first DC community to do so. 

It started with a two-year roadmap. And after two years, our story is only beginning.The future ahead is bright: filled with new adventures, big experiences, and major upgrades. As always, it belongs to you.  We’re honored to continue this journey with you, GCDK. 

Mapping Year 3

Here's a look at the Bat Cowl journey ahead.

  • Early Access to DC3 and other Selected Drops
    Bat Cowl holders will continue to  receive early access to collectible drops. A few new series will be available exclusively to Bat Cowl holders.
  • Self-Custody
    Users will be able to move their collectibles off the Candy Digital Platform, but to access exclusive experiences, at least one Bat Cowl needs to be in your collection. 
  • Community Proposals & Votes
    The next phases of the Bat Cowl community will be guided by the input of the collectors. Keep an eye out for new polls, votes and surveys - including this one to kick off Year Three together.
  • Gated Exclusive Experiences
    We’re still building GCDK exclusive experiences, and others that tie into the ongoing storylines of The Legacy Cowls. Your Cowl the key to an ongoing journey in Gotham City. 
  • Rise in the Ranks of the Gotham City District Knightwatch
    Still working your way towards Legends of Gotham City status? GCDK members will have the opportunity to earn more rank achievements by participating in experiences on 
  • Bringing Bat Cowls to Life in Immersive Formats
    We continue to explore ways to bring Bat Cowls to life in immersive formats and the metaverse. As we explore opportunities and formats, we’re committed to bringing only the most stable and supportable updates and changes to your collectibles.
  • Exclusive Fan Events & Promotions
    Bat Cowl holders will be invited to exclusive gated events and opportunities through as long as they have a Bat Cowl in their collection on at the time they are announced. 
  • Airdrops & Exclusive Collectibles
    For those Bat Cowl holders who haven’t checked their collections, the Batcomputer has created a special Overdrive Patch, it’s been airdropped into your collections. Keep an eye out for more Bat Cowl exclusive collectibles and achievements. 
  • Gated Overdrive Crafting Opportunities
    Burn your GCDK Exclusive Overdrive Patch and merge with Base and Safe Mode Edition Legacy Cowls to create an exclusive GCDK Edition Legacy Cowl.
  • Merchandise & Apparel
    Bat Cowl holders will be invited into the design process for selected merchandise and apparel launches. Your votes will help determine the style the community reps moving forward.
  • Regular Updates
    As part of this next phase of the Bat cowl journey, we’re changing our update cadence from every 52 Days to focus on regular updates in the Journey Page. Quarterly announcements will still be delivered to the emails associated with your accounts if you have opted-in and be posted on X and Discord. 
  • The Sooniverse
    We’ve got more in store for 2024 that will be announced closer to when it will become available.