Getting Started With Your Bat Cowl AR Snap Lens

Getting Started With Your Bat Cowl AR Snap Lens

Unleash your inner superhero!

Bat Cowl holders have exclusive access to a one-of-a-kind Snapchat filter, tied to their unique Bat Cowl. Haven’t used yours yet? Here’s everything you need to get started.

The Bat Cowl Collection is AR-interoperable, and stands as one of the first examples of a major NFT collection that you can use across web2 and web3 environments. Among other features, every cowl unlocks a unique Snapchat Lens, allowing you to step behind the mask, and stand for justice.

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Access Your Unique DC Bat Cowl Snap Lens:

Make sure you have the Snapchat app installed on your device.

  1. Log in to your Candy account.
  2. Go to “My Collection” and click on your Bat Cowl.
  3. Scroll down past the Traits and under the “Create Listing” button you will see the “Download Snap Lens” button.
  4. When you click on this, it will take you to the link for your unique Bat Cowl snap lens and automatically open on the Snapchat app.

NOTE: As of January 25, 2023 Snap discontinued its support for Snap Camera. This has impacted the compatibility of Bat Cowl’s AR functionality for use in certain third-party video services, like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and YouTube. You may continue to use your Bat Cowl AR filter functionality on the mobile Snap app and on desktop with Snapchat for Web. You can read more here.