Candy x Getty Images: City Diaries Drop Details

Candy x Getty Images: City Diaries Drop Details

Photographers and collectors, unite! City Diaries: Visual Narratives from Around the World collection, second in the ongoing Candy x Getty Images partnership, just dropped.

The collection is taking us around the world: enjoy the skyscrapers of New York, the timeless elegance of Paris, the cultural marvels of London, the resilience and tradition of Tokyo, the stunning contrasts of Istanbul, the charm of Mexico City, and the bustling heart of Mumbai, available for a limited time only. Take your pick and collect the city of your dreams through June 30.

Find everything you need to know about the drop below. Have more questions? Check our Candy x Getty Images FAQs.

Mint Your Free Digital Photograph

To celebrate the launch of City Diaries, we are offering fans and collectors a chance to mint their own "Ingenious Fans" digital photograph – free of charge. Click here to claim!

The image was taken circa 1935 during a highly anticipated baseball game and serves as a timeless ode to all the collectors out there, driven by their insatiable curiosity and fandom. Don’t delay — claim your free image before June 30, limited to one free mint per Candy account.

City Diaries Drop Structure

City Diaries: 2-Image Packs

  • 1,400 total packs: 4 photographs per city, 100 edition sizes per image
  • $25 for a 2-image pack

Each of the seven cities is expressed through four limited edition photographs, sold in packs. Each city-specific pack contains 2 images – although you won’t know which ones you get until you unwrap your pack.

City Diaries: 3-Image Packs

  • 233 total packs: 1 photograph per city, 100 edition sizes per image
  • $15 for a 3-image pack

The drop also includes seven contemporary images from around the world. Each contemporary pack contains 3 vibrant snapshots from the "City Diaries" destinations and invites you to intertwine your story with their own.

Candy fans who collect all 5 images of any of the seven “City Diaries” destinations (4 images from City Diaries: 2-Image Pack and 1 image from City Diaries: 3-Image pack) from Candy’s primary or secondary marketplace and hold all of them in their account until June 30, 2023, 5:00PM EDT will receive a bonus digital asset as a reward.

Now, it’s time to start collecting: remember, you only have until June 30 to purchase the city pack that captured your imagination. After that, you might be able to find the digital photographs you love on Candy’s Marketplace. In the meantime, collect with fellow collectors on Discord, and check out the FAQ page should you have any questions.