A New Season Brings Gems

Fans can collect top MLB prospects with redesigned highlight collectibles on March 27.

A New Season Brings Gems

Fans can collect top MLB prospects with redesigned highlight collectibles on March 27

Spring Training is wrapping up, and the dream of your team being the last standing come October remains a tangible reality.

Simply put, a new season marks the chance to revamp, reset, and repolish. Liked what we did there, huh? 😏

At the end of every season, we peel back the layers of our metaphorical baseball to find ways to enhance our collectibles. One of the most obvious areas was our on-field highlight-based collectibles.

Ultimately, we knew we needed to reimagine this line of MLB collectibles into something that would excite YOU as a fan.

Baseball fans and collectors want to own the BIGGEST and BEST moments from Major League Baseball. That’s why we are stoked to unveil Gems.

Introducing Highlights Gems

So, what are Gems? We’re glad you asked.

Gems are the walk-offs, milestones, home run robberies, and everything in between the foul poles that you can own. The moments in baseball history you pride yourself on owning and can share with baseball fans alike.

From this moment on, Gems will be the ONLY Candy MLB collectibles that include video highlights. While ICONs also included various forms of on-field highlights, we’ve made this change to ensure Gems truly are a one-of-a-kind collectible.

Furthermore, on-field highlights WILL NEVER be used more than once within Gems. So once it drops, it’s the only opportunity to own it!

Coupled with incredible design and a new Infinite Object-friendly landscape format, you’ll want to display these Gems. But more on that later.

*As for rarity sizing, it will remain consistent across all Gems drops, with the structure being as follows:

  • Epics will maintain an edition size ranging from 25 to 99
  • Rares will maintain an edition size ranging from 100 to 399
  • Uncommons will maintain an edition size ranging from 400 to 999
  • Cores will maintain an edition size ranging from 1,000 to 2,000

*The flexibility in the rarity ranges above allows drops to welcome a larger base of fans who want to join in collecting their favorite MLB moments throughout the season. While drops may never reach the highest range of the spectrum, we believe in transparency regarding the maximums for the year.

At the end of each Gems sale, we will vault 20% and burn 80% of leftover inventory.

Oh and before we forget, there WILL NOT be multiple rarities of the same Gem.

So, let’s get after those Epics!

Gems 🤝 Candy League

Need another reason why you should be adding Gems to your collection? Don’t worry, we got you.

Moving forward, Gems are the key to unlocking a chance at a plethora of rewards.

That means the more Gems you collect, the more chances you’ll have at earning digital and physical prizes throughout the baseball season.

Each month, collectors can participate and complete Full Set Challenges and other additional challenges.

Full Set Challenges 

These challenges unlock a unique chaser Gem, with the chosen play announced ahead of the drop and also included in the drop checklist.

Additional Challenges 

These challenges unlock a 2024 Candy League Reward Pack, with each reward featuring one previously vaulted highlight from Candy’s 2023 Plays of the Week and This Month in Baseball drops. 

Season-Long Competition Means Season-Long Rewards

This season, the Candy League will feature a single season-long leaderboard that ends on November 15 and is PACKED with rewards for the Top 50 collectors.

We hit the drawing board with last year’s top Candy League winners to restructure the rewards as follows:

  • Top 3 winners: will have the opportunity to craft a custom legendary highlight not already featured as a Gem. Winners will have this 1-of-1 Gem airdropped into their collection and featured on an Infinite Object.
  • Top 5 winners: will be awarded two (2) tickets to MLB Opening Day 2025 (or a regular season game of their choice, valued up to $250) and will work with the Candy Team to design a custom Candy hat and t-shirt.
  • Top 10 winners: will earn a vaulted Legendary or Epic ICON from Candy’s 2022 Leadoff ICON Series. This ICON will be airdropped to their collection and shipped as an Infinite Object. 
  • Top 20 winners: will be able to select one piece of signed memorabilia of their choice from Candy’s Ambassadors. The full roster of memorabilia is subject to change. Still, it may include signed jerseys and baseballs from Anthony Rizzo, Ross Stripling, Walker Buehler, José Ramírez, Sandy Alcantara, Gavin Lux, Nestor Cortes, and various 2022 Uncut Diamonds. Additional memorabilia, including game-used items, are subject to availability.

But wait, there’s more! 

Candy Balance will be awarded to the Top 50 collectors, ranging from $3,000 for 1st place to $200 for 50th place.

For more on the 2024 Candy League, check out the blog post, HERE.

Throughout 2024, Gems will be featured in a lineup that includes Uncut Diamonds, Milestone Marks, the brand new Inaugural Marks, and a handful of other themed drops eagerly awaiting their debut.

Let’s take a closer look.

2024 Uncut Diamonds

The Candy Fam favorite is back! This year’s first Gems drop will feature fifteen (15) of MLB’s top prospects paired with a must-own highlight from their 2023 Minor League season.

We’re talking up-and-comers like 2023 MLB Draft first overall pick Paul Skenes, Orioles’ phenom Jackson Holliday, and Padres’ 17-year-old catching stud Ethan Salas gracing your collection.

Check out the complete list of featured prospects HERE.

Drop Details 

2024 Uncut Diamonds will be available starting Wednesday, March 27 at 1 pm ET.

  • Where: Candy.com/mlb
  • Transaction/Account Limits: 5 packs per transaction, no account limit.
  • There will be no early access for this drop.
  • The secondary marketplace for 2024 Uncut Diamonds packs will be closed for one week (opening April 3 at 1 pm ET) or until packs sell out. Unwrapped 2024 Uncut Diamonds may be re-sold immediately.

2024 Uncut Diamonds Pack Offerings:

  • Single-pack with six (6) Gems
  • $50 per pack
  • Three (3) Gem rarities (Uncommon through Epic)
    • Uncommon: /400
    • Rare: /100
    • Epic: /25
  • At least one (1) Rare Gem is guaranteed in every pack
  • 1,312 total Packs
  • Pack Odds:
    • Uncommon: 4.57
    • Rare: 1.14
    • Epic: 0.28
  • One (1) minute cooldown between purchases

Polishing the Design

New highlights. New look. Here’s the rundown on what collectors can expect from this first set of Gems:

  • Featured prospects will be assigned three (3) unique Minor League highlights that are dispersed individually over three (3) rarities: Uncommon, Rare, and Epic
  • Play designation, game matchups, and a unique monogram will be depicted on each Gem and integrated to match the color distinction of the rarity
  • Alongside team logos and the familiar rarity badge—each rarity will carry a unique distinction:
    • Uncommon: pays homage to our previous lineage of Uncut Diamonds. Its dark, stone-like foundation incorporates multi-colored foil and a white opal texture. 
    • Rare: brings fresh material to the Candy design palette by introducing a blue opal.
    • Epic: swing for the fences with purple hues, pearl highlights, and signatures.
  • Each Gem will include a second asset that showcases the video in a viewer-friendly format that zooms in on the play
  • Uncut Diamond Chaser assets follow all the conventions of the aforementioned Gems breakdown but will be elevated by including a player image and gold materiality.

All this to say, they’ll look great in an Infinite Object!

Challenges Prospectus

For this first-ever Gems drop, collectors can prepare for a shot at an all-time chaser, a Candy League Reward Pack, and some Candy League points.

Here’s the rundown on 2024 Uncut Diamond Challenges:

2024 Uncut Diamonds Full Set Collection Challenge

Anyone that collects every Gem in the 2024 Uncut Diamonds set, thus completing the Full Set Collection Challenge, will earn themselves a Jackson Holliday Gem, and boy is it a beaut!

Finishers of the challenge will also be rewarded 400 Candy League points. 

This challenge goes live on drop day, March 27 @ 1 pm ET and closes May 8 @ 5 pm ET.

Check out the Candy League Challenge page for the latest collection challenges, HERE.

Past and Present Top Prospects Challenge

Collectors that own any ten (10) out of the forty-five (45) Gems of top prospects at the beginning of the 2023 and 2024 season, in rarities of Rare or higher, will earn themselves a 2024 Candy League Reward Pack.

Finishers of the challenge will also be rewarded 150 Candy League points. 

This challenge goes live on drop day, March 27 @ 1pm ET and closes April 12 @ 5pm ET.

Well, there you have it! The first-ever Gems drop is only days away, so set a reminder, block off your calendars, and get ready because you won’t want to miss MLB collecting history!

Now, take a look at the other Gems products on deck.

Inaugural Marks

From Japanese phenom Yoshinobu Yamamoto to the highly-touted MLB No. 1 prospect Jackson Holliday, Inaugural Marks commemorate the moments a top expected rookie will never forget: their first MLB hit (as a batter) or MLB debut (as a pitcher).

Drop Details 

Inaugural Marks will drop around twenty-four (24) hours following the game in which the aforementioned milestone occurs. Moments that take place on Friday or Saturday will be available the following Monday.

  • $50 for one (1) Gem featuring the milestone accomplished
  • 99 total Gems
  • Transaction/Account Limits: 1 per transaction, account limit: 3.
  • Five (5) minute cooldown between purchases

Oh, and any collector that snags all Inaugural Marks from the 2024 season will have the opportunity to burn them for an even more exclusive Emerald variant. This means collectors can choose to burn their entire 2024 Inaugural Marks set for a new Emerald set. 

Note: Variant sets will be renumbered and edition sizes will be randomly distributed at the end.

For more on the new Inaugural Marks, check out the blog post, HERE.

Milestone Marks

From Clayton Kershaw’s 3,000th strikeout to Mike Trout’s 400th home run, Milestone Marks commemorate the moments that will forever be etched in baseball history. Milestone Marks may also include season-based performances such as breaking single-season records (HR, RBI, SO, etc.) and runs at a Triple Crown, 50 HR/50 SB, and Perfect Games. 

Drop Details 

Milestone Marks will drop around twenty-four (24) hours after the game in which the aforementioned milestone occurs. Milestone Marks that take place on Friday or Saturday will be available the following Monday.

  • $50 for one (1) Gem featuring the milestone accomplished
  • 99 total Gems
  • Transaction/Account Limits: 1 per transaction, account limit: 3.
  • Five (5) minute cooldown between purchases

Check out the entire Milestone Mark Watchlist, selected by MLB and the Players Association, HERE.

In addition to the Gems mentioned above, collectors can expect themed drops surrounding the biggest moments from players on their new teams, international play, Cooperstown’s greatest, and many more. 

With Gems now slated as our premier MLB on-field highlight collectible, we’re hard at work putting the finishing touches on the 2024 MLB Roadmap, including what lies ahead for ICONs. We can’t wait to share what we have in store!

2024 MLB Opening Day Pin Free Mint

Kudos, if you’ve made it this far. Your love of baseball is truly unrivaled.

Today, fans can celebrate the start of the regular season by adding the free 2024 MLB Opening Day Pin to your collection. REDEEM HERE.

Each spring, Opening Day represents a beacon of hope for fans of all 30 major league teams. With a pristine team record and a World Series dream, nothing is better than the first day of baseball’s regular season. 

Collectors who claim the 2024 MLB Opening Day Pin will be automatically entered to win a pair of tickets to an MLB regular season game of their choice.

For terms and conditions, please visit this link, HERE.

Until then, happy collecting because we’re building a dynasty here.