A Beginner's Guide to DC Digital Collectibles

A Beginner's Guide to DC Digital Collectibles

The DC NFT Marketplace brings DC Comics to life through exclusive digital collectibles, allowing fans to buy, sell, and showcase their favorite DC characters and moments on a secure blockchain-based platform.

Tailored for experienced and new collectors alike, it offers a blend of nostalgia and innovation to fans around the world.  It's  a community where the legacy of DC Super Heroes lives on in unique and immersive experiences. Join the journey, build your collection, and dive deep into a world where you become part of the DC story.

The DC NFT Marketplace offers a range of digital collectibles that immerse fans in interactive narratives and a vast library of DC comics:

The Legacy Cowls Collection

The Legacy Cowls Collection is the latest DC digital collectible release. Based on Batman: The Legacy Cowl, the first DC comic on the blockchain created with fans, The Legacy Cowl commemorates a milestone in comic book history: the introduction of a new DC Super-Villain. Explore The Legacy Cowl’s origin story.

Legacy Cowl holders get the unique  chance to join forces with fellow fans, to challenge the burgeoning threat of a villainous AI, and to leave your mark on Gotham City's history. Key features include an AR lens, voting on the next steps in the fight against the Legacy Cowl, puzzles tied to The Legacy Cowl's saga, future access to selected experiences and drops, and more. Learn more about The Legacy Cowls Collection.

The Bat Cowl Collection

Based on Batman’s iconic mask, The DC Bat Cowl Collection consists of thousands of generative, unique Cowls that grant unprecedented access and exclusive experiences for fans—including being invited to join the Batman Faction and become part of Gotham City District Knightwatch. You’ll get a customized Bat Cowl Snap lens, entry into Bat Cowl holder-only channels, early access to upcoming drops, exclusive content from the Warner Bros. Archives, and gated access to screenings, premieres, and IRL events.

The Harley Quinn Freakin’ Awesome Boxes of Mayhem Collection 

This collection brings a whirlwind of excitement through its immersive challenges tailored for DC fans. With each collectible, holders unlock a treasure trove of exclusive content and one-of-a-kind experiences. Dive into the mischievous world of Harley Quinn as you embark on a series of thrilling challenges alongside fellow fans. From criminal psychology challenges to crew rank competitions, each challenge offers a unique opportunity to test your skills and unlock exclusive rewards. Join the mayhem and discover the adrenaline-fueled adventures awaiting you in the Harley Quinn Crew Challenges.

Dive into the DC Universe

The DC NFT Marketplace is a gateway to a universe where the legacy of DC Super Heroes thrives in immersive experiences and interactive narratives. Whether you're shutting down the villainous AI with The Legacy Cowls Collection, keeping Gotham City safe with the GCDK through the Bat Cowl Collection, or immersing yourself in the thrilling crew challenges of The Harley Quinn Freakin’ Awesome Boxes of Mayhem Collection, there's something for every fan to discover and enjoy.

Learn about our DC Journey So Far and check out previous DC3 releases, the Bat Cowls, Gotham City District Knightwatch and Harley Quinn crews, and more on DC NFT News.

Join the journey, build your collection, and become part of the ever-evolving DC story.