2023 MLB Showstopper ICONs + 2023 Team Packs

Learn more about 2023 MLB Showstopper ICONs and 2023 MLB Team Packs, the first two MLB ICONs series drops of the 2023 MLB Season.

2023 MLB Showstopper ICONs + 2023 Team Packs

The season is here, the show is on and Candy is ready. Major League Baseball has made some changes in how this season will be. New rules, some new unis, always new rankings and players. Candy is following suit and our teams here have been working hard to bring new products and experiences to you. You can find the whole download on that in our Candy’s 2023 Pre-Season Scouting Report. For now, here’s to our first pack drops of 2023, our 2023 MLB Showstopper ICONs and 2023 Team Packs!


We are dedicating our first round of packs to 2023 and the epic season that is starting soon.  Forty-three players who are among the best of the best will be included in this drop. How did you get to 43 you may ask? It's simple math, 20+23! Inside these packs you will also find 23 special inserts.

Drop Details

  • Where: www.candy.com/MLB
  • Start: March 29 1pm ET
  • End: March 30 1pm ET
  • There will be no early access for this drop
  • There will be no collection challenge associated with this drop
  • 3 minute cool down

Showstoppers Pack Details

  • Price: $43 per pack
  • Rarity
  • Rare: 100
  • Epic: 40
  • Legendary: 1
  • 3 ICONs per pack
  • 5 Packs per transaction, no account limit
  • 2,021 Total Packs
  • 43 Players included (player list)


23 ICONic Passes will be inserted throughout the packs. These 2023 ICONic Passes will give holders a free high-tier pack for all subsequent drops in 2023.

Users must be holding the ICONic Pass at 10:00 am on the day of the drop to receive the free pack

‍Team Packs

Team Packs are back this season! On top of having an all new look this season, The 2023 Team Pack ICONs can be used as pieces in Candy Code Breakers and other missions. Start your collection, build up a roster with your favorite players, and use your ICONs to win sweet prizes!

‍Team Packs Details

  • Where: www.candy.com/MLB
  • Start: April 17 at 1pm ET
  • 3 Core ICONs per pack ‍
  • Player edition size: 1-1000 (Core)
  • Pack Size: 3.3k per team