2023 MLB Rookie ICONs: Drop Details

Collect this season's untapped potential with 2023 MLB Rookie ICONs. Now dropping on 6/12!

2023 MLB Rookie ICONs: Drop Details

Drop Overview

From the first pitch of Spring Training to the final out of the World Series, rookies are the lifeblood of the MLB, injecting new energy and excitement into the game and providing a glimpse into the future of America's favorite pastime.

Their excitement and potential has now been channeled into Candy’s latest MLB drop – 2023 MLB Rookie ICONs! This drop features 50 current players from the 2023 MLB season – 40 MLB rookies fresh from their debut and 10 superstars bringing it back to their rookie season.  Each pack will contain 10 Rookie ICONs ranging from Core to Legendary, and every pack also has a chance of containing a rare Insert. These Inserts will fall under one of three themes (you’ll know them when you see them!).


Drop Details

Drop Structure: 10 ICON Packs, containing 10 Rookie ICONs (ranging from Core-Legendary) and a potential Insert

Drop Start: Monday, June 12th at 1pm ET

Drop End: Monday, June 26th at 1pm ET

Price: $100/pack

Edition Size: 1,880 packs

  • Core: 5.32
  • Uncommon:  2.66
  • Rare: 1.33
  • Epic:  .66
  • Legendary: .027
  • Inserts: .399

Transaction/Account Limits: 5 packs per transaction, no account limit


The 2023 MLB Rookie ICONs will be the first drop of the year that includes Inserts. Inserts will be included in 6 of the following ICON drops for 2023 and hold a consistent theme across the drops. The Inserts included will reflect the past, present and future of MLB. For each drop, the players will rotate between themes.

The Past ties into the heritage and tradition of baseball and collecting and is designed to look like a tobacco card
  • Players Included: Bo Bichette, Gerrit Cole, José Ramírez, Nolan Arenado, Wander Franco
The Present connects us to the the excitement of young stars playing today and the current moment in baseball
  • Players Included: Jeremy Peña, Rafael Devers, Ronald Acuña Jr., Sandy Alcantara, Yordan Alvarez
The Future represents how the sport can evolve in the days to come
  • Players Included: Adley Rutschman, Julio Rodriguez, Paul Goldschmidt, Pete Alonso, Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

There will be a collection challenge that includes owning all of the Inserts by the end of the year to receive a special pack.

At the end of the primary marketplace sale we will vault 10% and burn 90% of unsold inventory.

Every MLB season brings with it a sense of anticipation and excitement, as we eagerly anticipate the arrival of new talent with the potential to change the game. Now that this season’s rookies have been unleashed, it’s time to tap into their full potential!

Explore the full list of players featured in the drop!

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