2023 MLB Base 1 ICONs

Collect this season's stars with 2023 MLB Base 1 ICONs, dropping on 8/23.

2023 MLB Base 1 ICONs

We're more than halfway through an action-packed MLB season, and it's time for another ICON pack drop.

Introducing 2023 MLB Base 1 ICONs, our flagship drop of the MLB season. Base 1 features 100 of the top players in the league, with five rarities of ICONs to collect (Core, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary) for each player. On top of that, this collection features an exciting array of  inserts that unlock exclusive digital and IRL prizes. Base 1 will be followed up at a later date with Base 2, featuring an unduplicated list of another 100 star players.

Drop Details

It all goes down on Wednesday, August 23 at 1pm ET. In order to provide access to all MLB fans and collectors, these flagship digital collectibles will come in two tiers of pack offerings: Standard and Premium.

  • Where: www.candy.com/mlb  
  • Transaction/Account limits: 5 packs per transaction, no account limit
  • There will be no early access for this drop
  • The secondary marketplace for packs will be closed for one week (August 30 at 1pm ET) or until sell-out. ICONs may be sold immediately.

Standard Packs

  • $10 pack with 3 ICONs
  • 4 ICON rarities (Core through Epic)
  • 6,266 available
  • Pack Odds (Core: 1.60, Uncommon: 1.10, Rare: 0.24, Epic: 0.06, Player Inserts: 0.06, Prizing Inserts: 0.002)
  • 1 Minute cool down

Premium Packs

  • $100 pack with 12 ICONs
  • 5 ICON rarities (Core through Legendary)
  • 1,566 available
  • Pack Odds (Core: 6.36, Uncommon: 2.00, Rare: 2.23, Epic: 1.35, Legendary: 0.06, Player Inserts: 0.24, Prizing Inserts: 0.008)
  • 3 Minute cool down

Base 1 Inserts

Each Base 1 pack purchase gives you a chance to obtain one of 15 digital inserts for this drop, which reflect the past, present and future of MLB.

  • The Past ties into the heritage and tradition of baseball and collecting and is designed to look like a tobacco card. 
  • Featured players: Francisco Lindor, Grayson Rodriguez, Yordan Alvarez, Randy Arozarena, Pete Alonso
  • The Present connects us to the excitement of young stars playing today and the current moment in baseball.
  • Featured players: Julio Rodriguez, Mike Trout, Michael Harris II, Mookie Betts, Manny Machado
  • The Future represents how the sport can evolve in the days to come.
  • Featured players: Jose Altuve, Aaron Judge, Max Scherzer, Kyle Tucker, José Ramírez

Win Prizes

Base 1 will also include special Prize Inserts that unlock rewards like Candy Account Balance, Candy League Points and even physical rewards like signed memorabilia. There are 26 total Prize Inserts that are randomly stuffed in both the Standard and Premium packs. Collectors will have the opportunity to list these inserts on the secondary marketplace. A snapshot will be taken on October 5, 2023 at 5pm ET, and whoever owns the collectible at that time can redeem it for the prize. Terms linked here.  

Prizes include:

  • (1) Signed Michael Harris II Baseball Hat
  • (1) Signed Anthony Rizzo Baseball
  • (1) Signed Corbin Carroll Baseball
  • (1) Signed Colton Cowser Baseball
  • (1) Signed Zach Neto Baseball
  • (1) Signed Taj Bradley Baseball
  • (5) 2023 Plays of the Week packs (to be gifted separately)
  • (5) 2023 This Month in Baseball packs (to be gifted separately)
  • (5) Sets of $20 in Candy Balance (to be gifted separately)
  • (5) Sets of 250 Bonus Candy League Points (to be gifted separately)

Step Up to the Plate

Act fast – Base 1 packs will remain on sale until December 31, 2023 or while supplies last. At the end of the sale we will vault 10% and burn 90% of unsold inventory.

With less than two months remaining the 2023 MLB regular season, the stage is set for each player to script their own stories of triumph and glory. The Base 1 drop gives you a chance to grab hold of the players shaping the narrative of the season, and we can’t wait to see how the rest of this year unfolds.

We know you're hungry for our schedule for the remainder of the year. We will be holding on announcing expected drop months for the remainder of the year until each drop is more finalized. In the meantime, we can share that All-Star ICONs is on deck as our next drop. Additionally, at this time we have made the decision to revise our schedule to not include the Inks and Playoff Packs.

Explore the full list of players featured in the drop!

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*Total Standard Pack collection size will be limited to 6,266. 5,634 will be available for public sale. 132 will be reserved for marketing, promotions and comp distribution, and 500 will be reserved for pack breakers. The rarity for all 6,266 packs will be randomly assigned.

*Total Premium Pack collection size will be limited to 1,566. 1,264 will be available for public sale. 53 will be reserved for marketing, promotions and comp distribution, and 250 will be reserved for pack breakers. The rarity for all 1,566 packs will be randomly assigned.