2022 MLB ICON Leadoff Series Update

Now that the dust has settled following our first Leadoff Series pack drop, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the release and what we have heard from our community.

2022 MLB ICON Leadoff Series Update

Happy Friday Candy Fam!

Candy started the season with incredible support across MLB, from Anthony Rizzo launching homers over the Candy banner at Yankee Stadium to our MLB Big Inning sponsorship to MLB.tv & Apple TV+ ads. Even MLB stars like Pete Alonso, Byron Buxton, Brett Phillips, and Justin Turner (who you may have seen in the Discord the other day hanging out with the community) showed their excitement about collecting Candy. We’re extremely excited to have a new wave of fans at Candy purchasing their very first packs from the 2022 MLB ICON Leadoff Series, and ecstatic that returning fans have been able to bolster their Candy collections and find fan favorites, rising stars, and highly-touted rookies that weren’t present in last year’s 2021 MLB ICON pack drops.

Now that the dust has settled following our first Leadoff Series pack drop, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the release and what we have heard from our community.

We loved seeing fans share their latest pulls across Twitter and Discord, whether it was the excitement from pulling Candy community favorite Brett Phillips, a Rare Wander Franco in his rookie year, an Epic Mike Trout, or even a Legendary 1-of-1 Christian Yelich. Plus, the inclusion of dynamic stats that update daily, new ICON designs, and Candy certificates of authenticity were new additions we were personally excited about—and echoed by our fans.

However, despite some of the kudos received, we’ve heard your constructive feedback over the past few days as well. Concerns have been expressed about the cadence and pack size of our upcoming drop, as well as about the marketplace experience as a whole. As a team, we’ve discussed your feedback and are making some adjustments to our Leadoff Series release going forward:

Updated 2022 MLB ICON Pack Drop Structure

There will NOT be a drop next week on April 19th. The new drop schedule can be found below:

Lineup 2

  • May 3rd: ~31,000 pack
  • May 10th: ~30,000 packs

Lineup 3

  • May 24th: ~31,000 packs
  • May 31st: ~30,000 packs

Lineup 4

  • June 14th: ~31,000 packs
  • June 21st: ~30,000 packs

Additional Notes

  • The remaining Leadoff Series packs (including Lineup 1 / Drop 2) will be distributed at a later date. We will consider the best way to reintroduce these packs in the future.
  • All 8 Candy World Series Tokens will be distributed within the drops taking place between now and June 21st (including in Lineup 1 from this week).
  • The players will still be separated by Lineups. We look forward to revealing our roster for Lineup 2 next week!
  • More ways to earn early access are also coming and will be announced next week!

Marketplace Enhancements

Part of the fun of collecting is being able to find what you’re looking for with ease. We want to improve upon this experience so we’re working on adding a plethora of new sorting and filtering options including:

  • Filtering by team
  • Filtering by year
  • Filtering by set (All-Stars, Uncut Diamonds, Leadoff Packs, POTD)
  • Fixing the search functionality of partial queries (searching "Tro" will bring up Trout)
  • Searching an item will bring you to "Active Listings" first instead of "All"
  • We’re adjusting the overall hierarchy of the tiles themselves as they have become too large across multiple devices
  • All the sorting and filtering options for the marketplace will be added to “My Collection” as well, allowing you to easily navigate through your collectables

We know this isn’t everything our community is asking for, but our team is dedicated to getting these updates completed by the end of May.

*Note: we are releasing product drops in the near future that are not pack related, and these drops will occur before these upcoming marketplace enhancements take effect. We understand that this may frustrate users but we are dedicated to prioritizing our community's feedback alongside our partner commitments.


We know the community wants more challenges. We want them too. We’ve been exploring the best way to implement these for our fans and will accelerate this process moving forward to offer these sooner and with more frequency.