Everything You Need to Know About Bat Cowls

Everything You Need to Know About Bat Cowls

When you collect a cowl, you become part of the Dark Knight’s legend. Your journey into Gotham City begins here.

The Bat Cowl Collection is a large-scale generative 3D and AR art collection, with unprecedented experiences for fans. Each digital collectible was designed to evolve over time, with new features to be added every 52 days. To date, holders have unlocked features including comic book voting, AR lenses, early access to DC Collectible Comic (DC3) collections, premiere screenings, archive tours, in-world games, and more.

For Batman fans, this is your chance to get closer to the character you love, and create your own comic legacy. Here’s a guide to what it means to be part of the Bat Fam.

An Unprecedented 2-year Experience

Exclusive Opportunities: The Bat Cowl Collection offers fans exciting new ways to engage with the Dark Knight’s world. With Airdrops, DC3 Early Access, and NFT integration into physical comics, collectors have had (and continue to have!) unprecedented opportunities to own a piece of Batman’s legacy and shape the future of Gotham City.

Exclusive Features: Unlock exclusive features including a custom Snapchat lens, participation in key votes for the original comic book series Batman: The Legacy Cowl, and access to exclusive content.

Access Keys: You get the opportunity to gain access to unique products and collectibles, and entry into exclusive DC events, like movie premieres, escape rooms, and more. Additionally, holders have access to behind-the-scenes look at the historical and upcoming Batman content.

Member Communities: By joining a private Discord server channel, you can gain access to exclusive content, AMAs with DC writers and artists, and a variety of fun activities.

The Bat Cowl Collection

Safeguard Your Territory and Keep Gotham City Safe
While every owner of a Bat Cowl is part of an ongoing 2-year storyline in Gotham City, early participants in the Bat Cowl Collection were also gifted Gotham City District Knightwatch Sigils.

Airdropped prior to the launch of the DC NFT secondary marketplace, holders of these sigils have exclusive story content and roles in upcoming experiences. Gotham City District Knightwatch is made up of groups of Bat Faction members who are assigned by Batman to specific locations across Gotham City. The last digit of your NFT’s serial number corresponds to your district assignment. You can find more info here.

Billions of Possible Trait Combinations

Each Bat Cowl is unique as they incorporate components, materials, patterns, and colors from Batman’s history. With over 2 billion possible combinations, each cowl was created uniquely at mint, and forms part of a 11,544-strong collection.

How can I join the Bat Cowl holders-only Discord channels?
If you own a Bat Cowl, you just need to head over to the candy.com/DC site and add your Discord handle to your account details. You can join the DC NFT Discord here.

How can I access my unique DC Bat Cowl Snap lens?
To access your unique DC Bat Cowl Snap Lens, make sure you have the Snapchat app installed on your device.

  1. Log in to your Candy account.
  2. Go to “My Collection” and click on your Bat Cowl.
  3. Scroll down past the Traits and under the “Create Listing” button you will see the “Download Snap Lens” button.
  4. When you click on this, it will take you to the link for your unique Bat Cowl snap lens and automatically open on the Snapchat app.