All you need to know on Driver Series Showcase Challenge
10:17 am

The 2023 NASCAR Cup Series Season is finally here - and we’re giving Candy collectors the chance to have some metal in the game. This season, we are bringing our driver’s performances off the track and into your Candy Collection through our 2023 Driver ICON Showcase Challenge - beginning  with Daytona!  

How to Play:

  • Each week, collectors must create a Showcase with three 2022 NASCAR driver ICONs of any rarity
  • Showcase title must be “ICON Showcase Challenge - RACE LOCATION" 
  • Example: “ICON Showcase Challenge - Daytona” for week 1
  • Weekly showcases must be created by 5PM ET on Friday before race day
  • The collector who scores the most points based on that week’s race results will be deemed that week’s winner and will earn a reward 
  • In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by the participant whose showcase has the lowest combined serial number across the three (3) Driver ICONs.
  • Number of winners per week may expand as the season moves along.

Dynamic Challenge Rewards: 

Weekly prizes will be 2 packs from the 2022 NASCAR ICON series.

Weekly points will also be tracked for the Regular Season Championship. More details on the Regular Season Championship to come. 

Key Dates: Challenges will run from Wednesday at 1pm ET - Friday at 5pm ET through the entire NASCAR Cup Series regular season

Race Schedule and Scoring Guidelines Cheat Sheet: Here

Terms for the 2023 Driver ICON Showcase Challenge can be found here