2023 Candy Jersey Burn
11:07 am

It is officially the start of spring cleaning. Time to throw out your old, tarnished, barely worn (Candy) jersey, and make room for this season’s best. Learn how you can take your Candy Jersey collectible from drag to drip with our 2023 Candy Jersey Burn. 

Burn Details:

  • 30 MLB Team Jerseys will be made available, one per team
  • Burning starts on 3/20 at 1pm ET and ends on 3/24 at 1pm ET 
  • Open Edition, Serials will be randomized and assigned at the end of the burn 
  • No early access 

How to Burn: 

  • 30 Unique Burning Challenges will appear on the site, one for each team 
  • Users will select which Jersey they want to receive (which challenge they want to enter)
  • Users will burn their 2021 Candy Holiday Jersey in order to receive the Team Jersey
  • The only ways to obtain a Team Jersey is to Burn a Candy Holiday Jersey or purchase via the secondary marketplace 
  • CAUTION: Do NOT burn more than 1 Jersey at a time. If you burn more than 1 Jersey at a time, you will still only receive 1 Jersey in return.

Full Set Collection Challenge 

  • Collect all 30 MLB Team Jerseys to receive an additional Shohei Ohtani jersey
  • Users must enter the Challenge via the site in order to qualify for the reward
  • Users can burn their 2021 Candy Holiday Jersey or purchase Team Jerseys on the secondary market to complete this challenge 
  • The challenge starts on 3/24 at 5pm ET and ends on 3/28 at 1pm ET 

Player List 

  • New York Yankees - Aaron Judge 
  • Baltimore Orioles - Adley Rutschman 
  • Kansas City Royals - Bobby Witt Jr. 
  • San Francisco Giants - Brandon Crawford 
  • Philadelphia Phillies - Bryce Harper 
  •  Minnesota Twins - Byron Buxton 
  • Milwaukee Brewers - Christian Yelich 
  • Texas Rangers - Corey Seager
  • Chicago Cubs - Dansby Swanson 
  • Houston Astros - Jose Altuve 
  • Cincinnati Reds - Joey Votto 
  • Cleveland Guardians - José Ramírez 
  • San Diego Padres - Juan Soto 
  • Seattle Mariners - Julio Rodriguez 
  • Arizona Diamondbacks - Ketel Marte 
  • Colorado Rockies - Kris Bryant 
  • Detroit Tigers - Miguel Cabrera 
  • Los Angeles Angels - Mike Trout 
  • Los Angeles Dodgers - Mookie Betts 
  • St. Louis Cardinals - Nolan Arenado 
  • Pittsburgh Pirates - Oneil Cruz 
  • New York Mets - Pete Alonso 
  • Boston Red Sox - Rafael Devers 
  • Atlanta Braves - Ronald Acuña Jr. 
  • Miami Marlins - Sandy Alcantara 
  • Oakland Athletics - Shea Langeliers 
  • Washington Nationals - Stephen Strasburg 
  • Chicago White Sox - Tim Anderson 
  • Toronto Blue Jays - Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 
  • Tampa Bay Rays - Wander Franco 
  • Chaser Reward: Los Angeles Angels - Shohei Ohtani