When Spring comes around, how can you not start daydreaming of everything baby?  First, there’s all the flowers and new life popping up everywhere, then all the little bunnies and chicks that ambush us at Easter. So we decided to do something productive with all that baby fever and create a springtime baby shower candy buffet.  What do you think?

baby shower candy buffet


Since the point of a baby shower is to please that special mom-to-be, of course we had to start with the chocolate.  We decided to bring in items that had rich nut flavors, smooth, like from the peanut butter in these chocolate buckeyes, and crunchy from these cocoa covered almonds. And of course little packs of Junior Mints, (We love it when things that are delicious also are puns!)



For the colored candy, we decided to stick to bright colors and pastels.  First, we selected Party Mints.  We love that these peppermints melt in your mouth, and they came in the perfect colors too.  We also picked out two different kinds of rock candy sticks, white and light green. Rock Candy sticks are always one of the most popular parts of our buffets, but also a great visual, so we wanted to put extra out there so the focal point of the rock candy in the glass jar would last a little longer.  The green was the perfect color to match our tissue pom-poms.  For some “summer is almost here” tang, we filled a jar with Gilliam Pink Lemonade Stick Candy.  Seriously, so good! And of course, no candy buffet is complete without gumballs.  We decided to mix and match some of our lighter pastel shades.



By the time the baby shower comes along, a mom can be pretty pink or blue-ed out, so we decided to go with the perfect color combo for a spring celebration, bright poppy yellow and lime green.  We kept the accents to a minimum so they would pop against the clean white setting. (Why not white? With a baby around, it’s a color the mom-to-be won’t be enjoying for a while!)  We did some simple and easy tissue paper pom-poms to hang over the buffet, and found some alphabet blocks in matching colors to decorate.



For the jars, instead of labels, we created these cute craft paper tags to hang on the jars.   We then created a sweet little welcome sign to match.



Finally, a vintage mom and baby elephant and a little stuffed giraffe make sure that everybody takes a little (or a lot!).



Hope you like! Anything we missed, or questions about how we did it?  We’re happy to answer.  Bye!






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