19 Oct

WarHeads – Love the Bomb 0


Named after everyone’s favorite means of explosive payload deliverance, Warheads were, like many things, invented in Taiwain in 1975.  Despite non-proliferation efforts, Warheads found their way to the United States in 1993 and have been laying waste to mouths ever since.


One look at “Wally Warhead” (the distressed man depicted on every piece of candy) should provide plenty of disincentive.  His puckered lips, his crossed, bulging eyes, his plainly overheated brow and– perhaps most ominously– the mushroom cloud billowing suggestively above his head, amply illustrate the pain awaiting anyone foolish enough to escalate his relationship with the warhead beyond platonic browsing of the candy shelf.

If you decide to take things to DEFCON1, be prepared to suffer fairly intensely for 20-30 seconds before the coating of malic acid burns itself out and you’re left, broken and disoriented, with a pleasantly sweet bon-bon.  Though the effect of the sourness tends to diminish after repeated trysts with the warhead, this could partly be because you’ve been exterminating your taste-buds with extreme prejudice. Highly recommended, but to be enjoyed one at a time, and sparingly.





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