Hot and sweet candy and snack trends revealed at the exclusive retailer’s 2014 Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago included some old confectionery favorites like peanut butter and caramel sweets and some ancient grain and herbs added to the candy and snack world.  Click the picture below to see ABC’s great coverage of the 2014 Sweets and Snacks Expo top candy and snack trends.



And, check out  just some of these yummy sweets and snacks mixed with old and new spices, seeds, grains sure to delight your senses.

First up, the olde time favorite, peanut butter. This nut is showing up in all types of sweets and snacks from peanut brittle to peanut butter popcorn. One item sure to be popular is a crunchy peanut brittle with coconut made by Sophie Mae. Other nuts you can expect to see in your candy and snack aisles include almonds, cashews and chocolate with hazelnuts.

Candy PB trend--sophie may

Next, expect to see lots of candy and snacks combined in fun and creative ways using an Asian inspired hot spice that is fairly new to the US candy taste buds called Sriracha–our tongues will feel the burn. Instead of hot buttered popcorn, how about  hot sriracha popcorn  made by Indiana Popcorn?
candy sriracha trend


Other spices mixing with confectionery items this year will be Tabasco, ginger, rosemary, wasabi, sage, sea salt and pepper. This sounds like the candy and snack makers raided my spice rack.

A second olde type favorite candy, caramel, is making a big comeback including the classic Milky Way’s Simply Caramel bars …

Caramel Milky way


and Goetze’s yummy Chocolate Caramel Creams
Candy caramel trend

Or check out the popular cinnamon or mint herbs made by Tic Tac.


candy tic tacks


Mixing new and old flavors, sweets and snacks will be combined with ancient herbs, vegetables and seeds like quinoa, kale, chia, pumpkin seeds, seaweed, sesame, parsnips and peabutter–incredible flavor combinations sure to make our mouths happy and our bodies healthy.  The sweetest of all possible worlds!

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