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I have always been a sucker for taffy, but I’m a bit picky about its texture. If it takes a solid 60 seconds to chew a small piece, I’m delighted. If it tears out a tooth filling, I’m sold. It’s the same way I feel about beef sticks vs. beef jerky. Jerky challenges the molars, sticks do not.

Enter Bonomo Turkish Taffy into my household last week. (Bonomo’s back after a 21-year hiatus.) I gave each flavor (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and banana) a test drive and I lost a filling in the process. No kidding. This stuff is chewy, and if you freeze the bars and crack off pieces, it’s a doubly challenging chew. (If you’re wondering if all four flavors taste the same as they did in the olden days, I can’t vouch for that. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and somehow never came across Bonomo, although it was nationally distributed during my Schoolhouse Rock years.)

The day after the box of Bonomo arrived on my doorstep, my husband turns to me and says, “I met a few young Turks today.” Huh? He copped to eating two Bonomo bars in one sitting. His unscientific commentary was that the vanilla bar was surprisingly good despite the fact that the package was open from my taste test 12 hours prior. In the end, he gave banana the thumbs up. My two grammar school-aged children voted chocolate as their favorite flavor, as did their mom. The chocolate flavor is a bit chalky, though, and has a milder taste than its saltwater taffy cousin. This makes sense since Bonomo Turkish Taffy is not made with butter or vegetable oil and is best categorized as a nougat.

So, would I turn around and buy Bonomo Turkish Taffy for the family? Yes, if it weren’t for the fact that we’re going to the Cubs game this Saturday with our family dentist.

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