Posts Tagged ‘Party’ is proud to announce it’s Summer Candy Buffet Contest. Follow the link below to enter to win $500 to help you build the candy buffet of your dreams! Candy Buffet Contest Fourth July 4

In the spirit of Independence Day, we decided to give you a little patriotic inspiration to go along with the contest. Needless to say, to put this together we looked at a lot of red, white, and blue sweets!   As a whole, we decided to stick with items that hold up well in the heat, and we also found ourselves gravitating to fruit and berry flavored items that are sweet and refreshing at the same time. Take a look!

Fourth July 4 Independence Day Candy Buffet lollipops gummy jelly bean gum rock candy red white blue flag backyard party celebration patriotic

Lets start with the centerpiece. We wanted a real eye catcher, so we picked  these blue and white Twister Pops. At one foot long, these lollipops can’t help but attract attention.  To present them, we found a great oblong metal bucket (meant for utensils) from HomeGoods, and filled its sections with Styrofoam. We planted the sticks in it, and they stood right up.  You can’t see, but we then covered the styrofoam with white sixlets to give it a cleaner look.

Twister Lollipop blue white unicorn pop swirl Fourth July 4 Independence Day Candy Buffet backyard party celebration patriotic

We filled the front of the bucket with Watermelon Cube Pops. These tasty  pops are a pretty juicy visual compared to a standard small round pop.

Watermelon Cubes lollipop pop Fourth July 4 Independence Day Candy Buffet backyard party celebration patriotic

Next we put a perennial favorite, rock candy sticks (Strawberry, White Sugar, and Raspberry), in a bed of white sixlets.  In hot weather, if a candy item has a stick option; go with it.  Sticky fingers do not a happy quest make.

Rock Candy Stick red white blue Fourth July 4 Independence Day Candy Buffet backyard party celebration patriotic

For single color candies, we wanted three simple candy staples that would present simple, large blocks of color. The red is the gummy, a delicious red raspberry gummy from Albanese…

Red Raspberry Gummies Albanese Fourth July 4 Independence Day Candy Buffet backyard party celebration patriotic

while the white  is Celebration Shimmer White Gumballs

Shimmer White Gum ball Fourth July 4 Independence Day Candy Buffet backyard party celebration patriotic

Lastly, these blueberry jelly jeans from Jelly Belly are about as blue as you can get and burst with flavor.

Blue Berry Jelly Bean Jelly Belly Fourth July 4 Independence Day Candy Buffet backyard party celebration patriotic

For one last element, we found this great three piece tower at HomeGoods (FYI you can find all the glass containers we use there!) We did a combo of blue raspberry pufflettes at the top and bottom and filled the middle with more red gummies.

Blue Raspberry Pufflettes red raspberry gummies Fourth July 4 Independence Day Candy Buffet backyard party celebration patriotic

For styling, we wanted to keep it traditional with a slight vintage American feel.  We labeled the candy containers with simple blue and red hangtags on twine.   We used the same tags for the signs, and added a band with red and white striped craft paper.

Hang tag decoration Fourth July 4 Independence Day Candy Buffet backyard party celebration patriotic

Blog0620_10BucketLabelFor the twist pops we put the sign on a large bamboo skewer and stuck in with them.

 Twister Pop Unicorn lollipop swirl sign Fourth July 4 Independence Day Candy Buffet backyard party celebration patriotic

Friends and family can take some candy home in red paper bags, and we put these and the candy scoop in small metal buckets decorated with the same striped craft paper and blue stars.

Buckets decoration Fourth July 4 Independence Day Candy Buffet backyard party celebration patriotic

For the streamers, we cut simple triangles using the the same red and white striped paper and blue paper that we used for the buckets, but we also cut white stars to add to the blue. We hung it on the same twine as the hangtags, and called it a styling day!

Flag streamers Fourth July 4 Independence Day Candy Buffet backyard party celebration patriotic

Thanks for reading! Please let us know what you think, or if you would like any more info about how we did it.  Happy Fourth, and don’t forget to enter the contest!

Fourth July 4 Independence Day Candy Buffet lollipops gummy jelly bean gum rock candy red white blue flag backyard party celebration patriotic

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What’s better than an impeccable mustache? One that’s made of candy!  And what’s even better than that?  When its paired with a bow tie, of course.Pic2Sandy

With this fun Father’s Day favor idea, everybody gets a chance to pretend that they’re a Dad for a day with a great stache and a bow tie to boot. Just pair these gourmet Candy Mustaches from the Melville Candy Company, and these easy-to-do paper bow ties. They’re sure to create some great snaps at your Fathers’ Day celebration

For this project you’ll need:




Double Sided Tape

Small hole punch or x acto knife


Craftpaper of your choice



  1. First you need to make the template that you will use for all your ties.  Cut a piece of cardstock that is 8 in long and 2 and 1/4 in wide.
  2. Fold the paper once in half, and then fold the outer corners back to the original fold, like an accordion.Mblog1
  3. Mark the width of the tie into thirds (¾ in) with your pencil and extend your marks 3/8 into the paper.  This will become the middle of the tie that wraps around the stick.
  4. With the scissors, follow the 3/8 inch marks on the paper and then angle toward the opposite corners.  You can make a straight diagonal cut for a more angular, sharp tie, or give it a curve for a softer effect.Mblog2
  5. Unfold the paper, and now you have your bow tie template.  Trace this shape on the back of your craft paper to create the final ties, and cut them out.Mblog3Mblog4Mblog5
  6. Once you have your craft paper ties cut, take your lollipop and mark where you want the tie to go. We found that roughly 2.5 in from the bottom of the mustache worked well, but you may want less if you are making these for Munchkins or more if you’re inviting the Harlem Globe Trotters over.Mblog6
  7. Wrap around your mark with three or four layers of double sided tape. Do not wrap just around the stick, but extend the tape out about a half inch long on each side, like wings.  This will give your tie more to stick to.Mblog7
  8. Place the lollipop stick across the center of your tie.  Then, fold in the ends so that they meet.  Press the middle and ends into the tape to secure.  You should now see the basic shape of your tie on the stick.Mblog8Mblog9
  9. The last step is to create the middle part of the tie that wraps around the center. Cut a length craft paper that is ¾ inch wide and 2 ½ inch long.
  10. Fold the strip into thirds, with both ends going into the center.Mblog10
  11. Unfold and hold the paper vertically, looking at the pattern as you want it to be seen.  Directly underneath the bottom fold, use the hole punch or x acto knife to punch a hole.  It should be in center, width-wise.
  12. On the top fold, mark across the center a line as wide as the lollipop stick.  Then cut down from the top on either side of the line, and then along that line.  The result should be two tabs, like rabbit ears on the top of the paper.Mblog11
  13. Next, place the lollipop stick through the punched hole, putting the middle portion of the strip facing the front of the tie.  Bring it up, until the bottom crease of the strip is against the bottom of the tie.Mblog12
  14. Fold the two tabs at the top down across the back, with the lollipop stick going between them.Mblog13
  15. Place a piece of double sided tape across the two tabs and fold the bottom third with the hole punch up toward them.Mblog14
  16. Press firmly together and you should now have your Mustache and Bow Tie combo!
  17. Mblog15Mblog16

Thanks for reading!  Let us know what you think!Pic1

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One very simple way to incorporate a color theme into a candy buffet is to layer candy in glass vessels.


Candy Layering


In the example above, layers of 1-inch green and white gumballs are coupled with white Sixlets and kiwi green foiled chocolate balls. White candy is always a great choice as it pairs with other colors perfectly.

This combination would work just as well at a neutral baby shower as it would at a Christmas tree-trimming party or St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Set up takes minutes vs. hours. Plus, beautiful candy is a great conversation piece, and it can be used as a dessert item as well as a take-home treat.


Unexpected purple and yellow candies are a beautiful combination for a candy buffet.


With candy layering, you can color-match any party theme.

For a wedding with an unexpected color combination like lavender, yellow, and white, you can layer yellow and white gumballs, and accent with purple foiled chocolates, and grape unicorn lollipops. Just a few of these candy-filled glass containers will complement a cake, cupcakes, and other wedding pastries.

Candy combinations are endless, which can make buying overwhelming. A great place to start is SweetWorks’ Celebration candy collection. Each candy in this line is developed specifically for mixing and matching. Another great starting point is the candy by color page on

Use SweetWorks Celebration product line as a base, and incorporate chocolate bars, truffles, jelly beans, gummi candies, hard candy balls, and lollipops.


Valentine Candy Buffet


In the Valentine-themed candy buffet photo above, foiled chocolate hearts are layered with white gumballs. The focal point is a single red and white swirled lollipop centered in a glass jar filled with white Sixlets.

The jar brimming with hot pink, white, and red Sixlets ties the color scheme together. Only four types of candy are used in this candy buffet, but the color combinations make it look as if there is more.

Get inspired and send us photos of any candy layering that you have done! We’d love to see and share your work on the blog. (Send your photos and contact information to

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Labor Day is over, which means fall weddings, tailgate parties, homecoming dances, and Halloween parties are officially in season.

With insights from our discerning candy buyer, Rita Cummings, we’ve rounded up our top 10 fall candy picks to make all of your upcoming celebrations unique, fun, and majorly memorable.

#10. Football Pops

Football LollipopsTailgate parties aren’t all burgers, brats, and beer. Bring on the football sweets! Our Football Pops are perfect for poking into cakes and cupcakes … and for topping glass vases filled with candy (try Green Candy Sunbursts for a “turf” effect).


#9. Gummi Candy Corn

Gummi Candy CornClassic candy corn is always welcome for fall parties, but for chewy candy lovers, this year brings a special treat: Gummi Candy Corn. Each kernel is big, too, at approximately 1-inch tall, so this candy provides a huge splash of color on a dessert table.


#8. Apple Cider Candy Corn??

Apple Cider Candy CornAlso new in the candy corn category this fall is a crop of corn in fun colors and flavors like Apple Cider with a layer of red, brown, and cream. Other flavors include Raspberry, Raspberry Lemonade, Tangerine, Cinnamon, Candy Cane, Egg Nog, and Gingerbread. Think of the possibilities for baking and candy crafting!


#7. Candy Apple Taffy

With its deep red and green color, Candy Apple Taffy is a great choice for fall parties. This vibrant salt water taffy can be dressed up in a glass apothecary jar or served casually in favor bags or in a big bowl for trick-or-treaters.


#6. Pumpkin Gumballs

Dubble Bubble Pumpkin GumballsIndividually wrapped Dubble Bubble Pumpkin Gumballs are adorable … and perfect for crafting and topping cupcakes. (Check out the recent blog post about these orange cuties on our sister site,


#5. Twinkle Candy Corn Pops

Twinkle Candy Corn Lollipops

Vanilla-flavored Candy Corn Pops scream “Halloween!” Each individually wrapped lollipop sits on a long 12-inch stick, making it a great choice for adding height to a candy buffet or centerpiece.  Tie on an orange bow to create a quick party favor, or bunch a dozen together for a Halloween bouquet.


#4. Autumn Mix Mellocremes

Autumn Mellocreme Candies for Halloween

Based on a Facebook Poll, we found that the majority of our followers eat Pumpkin Mellocremes first when tempted with a bowl of Autumn Mix. Indian Candy Corn and Classic Candy Corn tied for second. From our poll, we also found out that there are lots of great memories attached to this classic mix, which is why we think it’s a must-have for every fall party.


#3. Fall Candy Sticks

Old-Fashioned Candy Sticks in beautiful autumn colorsOne of the best pops of color you can get in Candy Land is from old-fashioned candy sticks. Stack them on top of vibrant Sixlets in a tall glass jar, bundle them with a bow to make a pretty party favor, or display them on a flat white tray to create instant eye candy on a dessert table.


#2. Zombie Pops

Zombie LollipopsJust in time for the return of the AMC series “The Walking Dead,”  Zombie Pops  have arrived at! The individually wrapped, cherry-flavored lollipops have incredible detail. (Lots of warts!) They’re so gross, yet soooo cool.


#1. Missing Body Parts Gummies

Missing Gummy PartsAt #1, we have bloody bones, severed fingers, brains, skulls, feet, and fangs all in one bulk bag! Imagine what you can do with these gross gummy body parts. Our candy buyer, Rita, is planning on floating them in a punchbowl along with yellow gummy chicken feet this Halloween. FaBOOlicious!

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