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I’ve got Halloween costumes on the brain. I’ve been reading press releases and blogs predicting the most popular costumes to hit the streets this Oct. 31. Not surprisingly, Lady Gaga, Iron Man, Toy Story, Alice In Wonderland, and Jersey Shore characters seem to be topping most of the lists.

Those are all fine costume themes, but not necessarily all that clever (although there is a lot you could do with Lady Gaga and the “Situation.” Hmmm, I see a couple’s costume in the making.)

So, for this week’s contest, tell us: What’s the most creative costume you’ve ever worn, witnessed, made for your child, grandchild, pet, etc.?

We’re not looking for most elaborate costume, either. Just clever. A few years ago, I saw a guy who taped Barbie dolls to his chest and said he was a “chick magnet.” Clever and economical. Win-win.

The team will vote to come up with the winner who will receive this super cute Trick or Treat Halloween Candy Bouquet:

(Shameless plug: If you haven’t seen’s gynormous selection of candy bouquets, it’s well worth the click. The Party in a Pumpkin Care Package bouquet is great for college students. And, now through Sunday 10/10, Halloween treats at are 10% off. Use code “Halloween10″ at checkout.)

The winner of the Trick or Treat Halloween Candy Bouquet will be revealed later this week.

To get your creative juices flowing, here’s a handful of creative costumes I found last night while I inadvertently burnt the family frozen pizza. Aaaack!

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