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Candy that is both “gross” and “large” has weird and wide appeal.

Case in point: The World’s Largest Gummy Brain is a 3.75-pound bubble gum-flavored blob. Sounds totally gross, but after seeing it, I find myself wanting to touch it and maybe even try a piece of the frontal lobe.

Or how about the World’s Largest Gummy Worm? Just looking at this 26-inch worm gives me the chills. Same chills I’d get if I saw a Garter snake in my lawn. Even so, I could see myself shipping one of these to the biggest gardener, fisherman, or worm in my life.

Then, there’s the World’s Largest Gummy Witch’s Tongue, Viper’s Tongue, and Joker’s Tongue. I’ll bite my tongue right now to avoid saying anything tasteless about these 1/4-pound blobs, which are perfect for Halloween 2012.

Tongue factoid: Stephen Taylor, the guy who holds the Guinness World Record for longest tongue, measures in at 3.86 inches. The World’s Largest Gummy Tongues are almost double the size of Stephen’s record breaker. I believe Gene Simmons is now weeping.

I’ll leave you with two more large and gross gummies: The World’s Largest Gummy Frog and World’s Largest Gummy Slug. I double dog dare you to leave the slug on the desk of the biggest slacker at your office.

World's Largest Gummy Frog and Slug

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