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It’s contest time again and we’ve got an easy one to win!

Simply browse and tell us which candy item(s) you would buy if you won a $25 gift certificate. (Submit your comments after this post or on Facebook or Twitter.)

Everyone who gives us their two cents automatically gets entered to win a $25 gift certificate.

I’ll post the winner tomorrow night, so start browsing!
(Note to impending winner: Stretch your $25 by entering coupon code “golarge5” and get a 5% discount off entire order until midnight Dec. 10.)

Tip: If I were entering this contest (I would if I could), I’d opt for the 3.5 lbs. of Swedish Fish and 340-piece tub of Dubble Bubble … and use the “golarge5″ coupon code.

Then, I’d wrap up both, give them to my kids on Christmas morning, and badger them until they shared with their mother.

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