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22 Sep

Brand Name Candy vs. Generic Candy 0

During tough times its always nice to save money and candy is no exception. Just like cars, clothing ,  and prescription drugs candy has its high end brands and less expensive generic candies. This helps tremendously if your planning a candy buffet wedding or have a birthday party and do not mind if the candy is generic. In most cases the items are almost identically in terms of taste and appearance.

However there are two major differences. The first is manufacturer. In most cases after a products has done well other companies will imitate the successful line at a cheaper price. Other times the brand is just not as well known and therefore sell at a cheaper rate. Whatever the reason this creates and great opportunity to save. Which brings us to the second difference..Price. Some of the items we will show you are half the price of their brand name competitor.

Brand Name Price   Generic Name Price
Jelly Belly Assorted Jelly Beans $6.59 Per 1lb Vs. Sweet’s Quality Candies Assorted Jelly Beans $2.50 Per 1lb
M&M’s Colored Milk Chocolate Candies $8.29 Per 1lb Vs. Georgia Nut Colored Chocolate Gems $4.99 Per 1lb
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