5 Mar

Shmooth as Silk 0

Cadbury’s always done wonders with milk chocolate and I hold Caramello up as proof—at any given time, probably the creamiest thing in the room unless you bunk with Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass (in which case I’m sorry for waking you).

Caramello got quiet after a series of T.V. ads in the 80s and 90s, which at the time seemed incredibly seductive, and are now officially kitschy. I say it’s high-time the silence was broken. Summon the band from their millennial slumber!

Caramello is delicious, from its light-brown, segmented milk-chocolate exoskeleton to its gooey subcutaneous reserves of liquid caramel. The bar literally and swiftly melts in your mouth, so please don’t drown as you enjoy it, as that would not jive with the glad spirit of the bar. One thing that may help you avoid a smooth, untimely demise would be to break off squares of the Caramello and then further separate the confection into its components by squeezing gently on the top and bottom of each segment, allowing the caramel to drain completely into your mouth (or other waiting reservoir). Tackled separately, the chocolate shell and caramel goo probably won’t suffocate you. Small bites, kids.





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