3 Mar

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If you like ‘em, you’re in luck, if you don’t, well, you may want to look for another job—one with a compensation package that doesn’t exchange vacation time and dental insurance for nut-covered bars.

On the Payday Premium Plan, you can say "good bye" to all of this!

Payday operates on a simple premise; trying to fit as many peanuts as possible on a six-inch rod of caramel, possibly inspired by the time the guy that invented it dropped a warm rod of caramel between the cushions of his couch, causing the inevitable stores of peanuts therein to become entrapped in the sticky substance . Just how many of these plucky legumes cling to your average Payday? The answer is about a handful. This might not sound particularly impressive, but remember that most other candy bars that feature peanuts only contain a smidgen. Also, I have huge hands.

My hand, gently mollfying a "normal" hand.

The flavor combination is tried and true, but no less tasty for this. The crunchy peanuts are very salty and find a pleasant partnership with the sweet, chewy caramel. Just one bar has 14% of your recommended daily protein intake and 20% of your recommended daily fat intake, making it a great choice for staying alive while the forest rangers locate you. The caramel tasted slightly rubbery to me at times but as this would certainly never deter a bear, you should eat it anyway.

“In Soviet Union, Payday Pay for You!”





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