19 Feb

More than Three Feet of Fruit Flavor! 0

I typically enjoy a lot of freedom when I do these reviews, but by-the-by I’ll notice a cryptic message in my marshmallow alphabits, some hastily scrawled insinuation on the steamed surface of my bathroom mirror or car window, a familiar sign traced in the fresh snow by deer-leavings, and I’ll know what my next blog must be about. Yesterday, for example– while enjoying my morning stroll– a gloved hand offered me a sealed envelope from underneath the tin-lid of a trash can at the corner of Elm St. and Union. It contained three Strawberry Rip Rolls. I do not know if these “suggestions” are the work of Candy.com, some benevolent allied organization, or greater and more terrible forces, nor do I wish to provoke whatever malevolence they could conceivably harbor by scorning their largesse. Since I have so far honored their address, I have suffered no injury. Thus, here we are.

Some people read horoscopes. Not me.

I had never heard of Strawberry Rip Rolls before the occasion of their gracious gifting, and for that I am ashamed. If you read my Fruit by the Foot review, you’ll remember I was pretty complementary. Well, everything positive I wrote about Fruit by the Foot applies here, but more so. Not only are Rip Rolls longer than Fruit by the Foot (40 inches instead of 36) they’re chewier, more nuanced, and better tasting.

This good.

Aptly named, you’ve got to pull hard on a Rip Roll unless you want to enjoy the whole ball of wax in one sitting. They’re not tough, but definitely as chewy as it gets outside of gum, which means even small bites can last a good long time. The flavor tastes surprisingly authentic (a small amount of natural flavoring is used) though markedly tarter than most strawberry candies due to a liberal dusting of sour sugar and the noticeable presence (though at first difficult to place unless you check out the packaging) of pineapple juice. Though potently sweet, the sour elements help balance the flavor of this confection and despite its size and consistency, (and if my sampling was any indication) it tends to disappear quickly, but certainly leaves you satisfied. Highly recommended!

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