We have four new Candy Crush Candies inspired by the hit game Candy Crush Saga! If you vote for the one that you think is best, you’ll automatically be entered to win a $50 Gift Certificate!

Click Here to enter, and vote for 1 of the 4 candies below as your favorite.

One voter will randomly be selected to win a $50 Gift Certificate. Good luck!

Candy Crush Soft Fruit Jelly Fish Candies

Candy Crush Jelly Fish-shaped Candies have fruit-chewy goodness in every bite.

Candy Crush Mixed Fruit Gummies

Candy Crush Mixed Fruit Gummies are shaped like the Candy Crush Game Pieces.


Pucker up! These SOUR Candy Crush  Fruit Gummies are shaped like Candy Crush game pieces.

Candy Crush Color Bombs Candy

Colorful Candy Crush Color Bombs are chocolate drops with fun rainbow sprinkles.






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