17 Mar

Unicorn Pops 0


What cures poisoning, is worth many times its weigh in gold, attracts impressionable youths, makes a kickin’ decal and tastes delicious? Unicorn horns!


Whether or not you believe the stories, you can’t be denying facts, so let me lay them out for you.


Unicorn Pops are revolving, evolving, spiraling towers of assorted fruity flavored hard candy strips. As you slurp away at the sweet, mild and natural tasting exterior, you’ll notice the flavors change and morph. The pop I sampled started off tasting like pure barley sugar, changed to blueberry from there, tarried briefly at lime, stopped short at raspberry, waffled merrily into strawberry and thenceforth dissolved into a delicious gustatory cacophony of all the above.

Surely, it was a lot of sugar, yet I left the pop feeling good, slightly magical even. Overall, a confectionery experience of rare proportions.

OMG Unicorns!






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