3 Feb

Three (?) Flavors! 0

Some folks call it the Supreme Coconut Bar. Me, I just try to call it like I see it.


Whatever it is, it gets a lot of points in the presentation and novelty departments. Literally, a slab of tri-colored coconut, this confection is both pretty and unpretentious. I was excited to try it since I’m a dyed in the wool coco-nut and interested to see how it would take to the good old Neopolitan treatment.

A lot to live up to

I’m sorry to say that the result isn’t as ambrosial as I’d expected. While the coconut is as moist and chewy as good coconut should be, I have to admit that I miss the contrasting textures that other coconut confections usually achieve with smooth chocolate coating. OK, not a huge concern. Unfortunately the flavors, which could have been this confection’s saving grace, are pretty unimpressive. Maybe I tried a defective bar, because the “chocolate” portion tasted like strawberry, while the “vanilla” and “strawberry” sections just tasted like coconut with hints of generic sweetener.

Rather Faceless

When I checked out maker Crown Candy Corporation’s website, I was surprised to find a wide selection of what seemed to be gourmet, hand-made coconut treats, but no trace of this bar. It seems to be quite an old product (though information is scant and just how old it is I’m not certain) and I wonder if Crown Candy inherited it from a now-defunct producer and simply continues to manufacture it without much interest in bringing it up to speed with the rest of their seemingly high-end lines. Here’s to hoping Crown Candy will give this old timer the royal treatment such a kicking  concept deserves.

“A lovely bunch of coconuts






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