If you poke around the Smoking Gun’s website, you’ll find published backstage contract riders (event specifications such as stage design, lighting systems, and catering needs) for rock stars and celebrities.

These road requests reveal interesting insights into A-list candy addictions …

There are some off-the-wall requests, too, like the Back Street Boys’ 24 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or Michael Bublé’s order for the local team’s hockey puck in his dressing room. (Bublé is part owner of the Vancouver Giants, so that may explain the puck collection.)

So, with all this insight, I got to thinking: If I were a touring rock star (dream on girrrrl), what one candy item would I put on a contract rider? That’s a pretty easy one for me. I’d go with Good & Plenty. It doesn’t melt, and if you’re jonesing for black licorice (which I do), it will do the trick.

Which one candy would you pick for you and your entourage?

Photo by Ian Ransley






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