18 Dec

NECCO au Naturale 0


We might have seen it coming what with the greenwashin’ and the health watchin,’ the 400 calorie menu and the ban on hydrogenated pork shortnin.’ Folks, Candy.com would like to announce that the rumors are, in fact, fact—NECCO Wafers have shed their artificial ingredients and have returned to earth, the humble naked sugar, starch and everything nice discs they always were deep inside.


What does this mean for wafer lovers the world round? Apart from the obvious point that the toxicity threshold of the new wafers is undoubtedly greater than the old (you can now eat a robust 14,000 in a single afternoon compared to the modest 12,000 of yore), it means no lime. Yes, sadly the new NECCOs number only seven due to issues replicating the original lime flavored discs under the more stringent “all natural” standards (read, it’s probably prohibitively expensive). How about a replacement flavor contest, NECCO? My vote; “Revere” a patriotic nod to the birthplace of NECCO and the gallant Massachusetts Silversmith, with the fishy flavors of the North Shore he loved so well. Until that happens, seven (while maybe not heaven) is just fine by me, as most of the remainder seem to have benefited from the haute cuisine treatment. The chocolate is chocolate-ier, the wintergreen mint-ier, clove clove-ier (and wow it packs a punch, be careful if you tend to crunch), licorice anise-ier, orange citrus-ier. I was never a big fan of the lemon to begin with and still don’t care for it, so the only real dud to my palette is the cinnamon, which somehow seems to have lost a lot of its kick in translation.


Overall, the update seems to have improved NECCO Wafers, though I can’t see it converting any heretofore unbelievers. The good is better, but the bad (mainly the fact that after about five it gets tough to tell the difference between the flavors) remains the same. Still, I say whatever your opinion, give ‘em another spin. They may not be all beer and skittles, but you should remove your hat to any candy that saw the Civil War and lived to tell the tale.

Try one “It’s only wafer thin…”






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