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Name That Candy Brand Contest 0

4/11/11  Contest UpdateThe winner of the “Name That Candy Brand” contest is Elizabeth Weiss! Elizabeth will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to Candy.com, which will get her a nice supply of Snickers, Baby Ruth, Junior Mints, Dots, or Hershey bars. (The “c” in Snickers was the one letter that threw off a few players. If I run this type of contest again, I’m going for super obscure candy brands. Be prepared for a turbo challenge!)


I love Fridays. I love Fridays that involve a wacky candy contest even more. The wacky contest I have up my sleeve today involves some Candy.com surfing.

Take a look at the word “Candy” below. (Excuse my lackluster Photoshop job.)

Each letter is taken from a different candy brand’s logo. For instance, the “C” could be from Charleston Chew (hint: it’s not).

Match each letter with its correct candy brand and you’ll automatically be entered to win a $25 Candy.com gift certificate to jump-start your Easter candy shopping.

I’ll announce the winner on Monday after you’ve had a chance to browse candy logos and packaging on Candy.com over the weekend.  We just added lots of new spring candies, including the World’s Largest Gummy Bunny and gorgeous lollipops, so feel free to shop, too!

Please enter your guesses in a list and submit your list after this post or on Candy.com’s Facebook fan page or Twitter. For example:

C = Charleston Chew (again, NOT!)
a = Mike and Ike (not!)
n = Good & Plenty (not!)
d = Red Vines (not!)
y = Milky Way (not, although that would have made for a good “y”)

All five letters come from pretty popular candies, so hopefully this exercise won’t be too taxing for a Friday. Have a great weekend and thanks for playing!






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