24 Feb

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The pet project of Goetze’s Candy Company founder August Goetze, Caramel Creams (AKA Bullseyes) have been staving off hunger pangs since 1917. I had vague memories of these chewy, two-tone caramels, (for some reason mostly in school bus related settings) as a kind of lower echelon candy, before I caught up with them earlier today and found out how wrong I was.

While a hotbed of youthful intellectual zeal, many conclusions reached in this environment prove false

True, Caramel Creams aren’t overwhelmingly sweet, and while the sensibilities of my younger self may have taken umbrage with that aspect of the candy, now I can appreciate it. It’s also possible that many of the Caramel Creams I’ve sampled in the past were less than fresh—yes, even candy has an optimal shelf life. Luckily, this was not the case today.

Check that expiration date!

The outer layer of caramel (the retina) is probably what hung me up most as a child. While it’s got a wonderfully thick, chewy texture, it’s also only mildly sweetened, with malty overtones reminiscent of whole-wheat flour. Since I now love bread that isn’t immediately metabolized as sugar, I find this flavor fantastic and refreshingly unique in a confectionery setting. The cream (lens) meanwhile, is a wonderfully sweet fondant (and actually made with real cream), which is vaguely tangy and the perfect accompaniment to the earthier exterior.

Goetze's Scores a big one

Still manufactured in their home city of Baltimore Maryland, Goetze’s Caramel Creams are an All-American snack that are (for a change) actually low-fat, low-sodium and cholesterol free. Get ‘em fresh and I’ll bet you’ll be hooked*!

*Candy.com, like Goetze’s, encourages you to get hooked responsibly.






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