12 Feb

Fun that lasts for a Modest Amount of Time! 0

If your brain was still forming tens of thousands of synapses in the mercurial glow of the television screen during the Clinton Administration, you may be physically incapable of forgetting slogans such as the entirely too apropos “The fun just lasts and lasts!” While I can’t say I’m in love with having my upstairs cluttered with decades old marketing detritus like this, I can’t entirely contradict the sentiment. Indeed, whatever fun Fruit By The Foot claims to offer continues to last, even as I’ve grown to appreciate the taste of raw fish.

That’s not to suggest that the act of consumption will last and last, rather that the concept has staying power. Now, I’m no glutton, but it took me less than five minutes to finish my three foot roll! I’ve determined this is because: a) it was delicious, and b) there’s barely anything to it. The whole thing weighed less than an ounce! Do you realize that citizens in the Los Angeles metropolitan area inhale more substantial air-born particulate on their evening commute? On the other hand, good for Betty Crocker for creating a modestly portioned snack, high in Vitamin C (though really high in sugar as well) and Kosher Certified.

L.A. bears a surprising resemblance to Old Republic Galactic Capital, Coruscant.

The variety I sampled was tri-tone: yellow, green and red. I couldn’t taste much difference between the colors, but can say definitively that the “fruit flavor” was tart, sweet and vaguely creamy. Less sticky, chewy and tough than the similar Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit Leathers, Fruit by the Foot is light snack, great for a quick dose of tart nostalgia. MMmm Nineties!

Performance pieces like this thrived in the era. We still puzzle over what they mean.

“And the time just passed and passed…”






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